Feel Like Crap After Workout with BCAA

Is there a reason why after my workouts I drink my bcaa it makes me feel like crap and almost kills all my appetite to eat breakfast? I workout at 5 in the morning before work then consume my bcaa drink after then eat breakfast or attempt to.

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A couple of things. first what brand of BCAA’s are you using? There is some real garbage out there. If you are not purchasing high quality supplements this can be a short term and long term problem for you. So many guys think they can squeak by purchasing their supplements at places like Walmart. In the end you are cheating yourself. Buy your next hammer at Walmart, but for heaven sakes don’t buy your supplements there.

Okay…if that’s not it…

…some people find it difficult to consume BCAA’s on a totally empty stomach. Try having a little oatmeal or whatever you eat for breakfast before consuming your BCAA’s.

Let me know what happens.


I’m one of those ‘guys’!

Sometimes when there are massive online sales I’ll order in bulk at random sites (doubtful that they are any better than Walmart), but for the most part Walmart gets my business for supplements. Not saying you’re incorrect with your statement, but it seems to be working fine for me.

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How do you know it’s working well for you? Have you ever tried high quality supplements the kind that Life Extension, or Biotest sells? I can tell you first hand that I take nothing but the best and I attribute that one decision to my training longevity. You might think it’s working out well for you buying the cheat brands, but if you have never experienced the difference between a high quality fish or for example and something purchased at Walmart then you have no idea what you are missing.

Honestly, when you walk onto a car lot you know that you are going to get a better ride with that big Mercedes than the little chevy. What’s the difference? Cost! Granted not everyone can drive a big Mercedes. But everyone including you can afford to purchase the finest supplements available. Don’t let a couple of dollars stop you from creating a strong healthy body. You might have to cut back on your beer money or something else perhaps but it’s well worth it.

Maybe you can’t afford a real Mercedes right now (then again maybe you can. I make no assumptions) but you can always afford to treat your body to the finest supplements money can buy. You train hard so take the best!

I suppose I was basing this off of my short-term success in the hobby of lifting. I’ve been able to recover, build mass and put up some moderately respectable numbers.

I have not, I swear I tried to place an order some time ago and they did not ship to Canada. I went to confirm this before stating it here, and it looks like they do…? It looks like I may be getting my first Biotest shipment soon!

This for sure, I’ve only been limping by on my ‘cheat brands’ so don’t really have much to compare to. I am not trying to support the cheaper brands; I honestly hope that the Biotest supplements outperform, so that I can maximize those gains.

Hatin’ words. Chevy > Mercedes. :challengeaccepted:

I have no problem AFFORDING any supplement on the market, however, I am a very ‘financially responsible’ (read: CHEAP) person. I’d be more than willing to trial run some higher quality supps, but unless there are some evident results, I will likely revert back to the cheap brands.

I am currently looking up recommended flavours and such for my order! Looks like I’m about to drop $500 on supps lol You should probably get some commission.

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So your training on an empty stomach? What type of training and what are your goals?

Bcaa are not gonna make or break your success.



Bro you feel like crap because the first thing you put in your mouth in the morning is a foul concoction of burnt hair from China, and you do this after you have trained without food in your system

Have you tried eating a small amount of protein pre workout? 3-4 whole eggs and I’m betting you might train better, feel better, tear down less muscle tissue and not have to waste money on potions that taste like ass crack. Just saying.

I would definitely look into getting a better BCAA. But you shouldn’t have to drop a ton of money on supplements just to get something that works well for you. I have been running through Xtend for months now, just going through the different flavors they have (haven’t found one i didn’t like but Blood orange is my favorite). Just gotta read the label of the products you buy.

Great, you will feel a difference between the cheap supplements that you’ve been taking and a high quality supplement like Biotest.

Ha ha no commission need be paid. I am just trying to pass on my experience to those like you who want to maximize their gains. And training hard, eating right, getting a good nights sleep…AND taking the best supplements are the fastest route to success!

Good Luck My Friend

And let me know how the Biotest supplements are helping you.

I appreciate it @zeb1! The shipment is on its way; MD, Plazma, Finibars and some sleep aids. I’ll report back once I’m able to give them a fair trial run.

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Good for you.

At my age, Plazma is worth every penny.

And being able to sleep with a non Melatonin product? Priceless.

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When you say “fair trial run” keep in mind, as I tell others, quality nutrients do not work like medicine or roids. They take time to get in and change for the better, your system. So please do give any high quality supplement 90 days or so before passing judgement.

Thanks for the reminder. As much as I’d love to see an overnight improvement, I’ll definitely be using up my entire order before making any sort of assumptions on it’s effectiveness for me. In all honesty, just the knowledge of the increased quality is enough to likely have me buying again, but visible or performance related results would leave no room for my frugality to influence my decision to purchase more.

2.6kg of Plazma and 6lbs of MD. Fingers crossed this will provide me with an adequate trial run! (I also threw in some ZMA and Z-12)