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Feel Like Crap After Weights

So I started going back to the gym after taking some time off due to a back injury.

It seems that when I go and train with weights, I feel like crap afterwards (not tired/sore but my frame of mind is bad). However, if I just do dips, various pull-ups/chin-ups, and the ab wheel followed by 30 minutes on a machine I feel awesome.

Before, I would feel good after training with weights but not now.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Thanks - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

When I get cranky like that, it’s because I’m not eating enough.


Some injuries can weaken the adrenals. Any other changes go energy levels through the day compared to before the injury?

The adrenals also regulate blood sugar levels.

Could be low blood sugar. As an experiment, load up some sugars and other carbs before a workout and see if that changes the outcome.

Definitely diet is an issue. For six years I laid off lifting, feeling the same way as you did- less fatigued from bwe, total gym,isometrics, etc. Start lifting with light weights, easing into it. Train each body part once per week, clean up your diet, supplements are a must if you are older-protein, aminos, fish oil, a multi, and maybe a test booster.

If you can do bwe then you can do weights. The key, at least for me is that once per week per part. Cardio is a must but don’t go crazy with that either. I don’t think lifting is the problem as much as the overdoing it. Growing up in the 60’s and the Arnold era I thought that 6 workouts per week was the way to do it. Wrong. Experiment and find what works for you.