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Feel Like Absolute Crap on Anadrol


I started taking 50 mgs of drol a day about 9 days ago and I think I've had enough. This is at the tail end of an 8 week test e/tren ace cycle which was harsh enough. I can't sleep, my head feels like it's going to explode and I generally feel like crap (except for the 30 minutes a day at the gym when I'm strong as hell, but then I'm quickly out of breath).

I think I'm going to try to salvage this by replacing the last 3 weeks of drol with 40 mgs of dbol a day. Good idea?


Absolutely, generally speaking. The Dianabol will work well, and there are times when a given steroid -- or for that many other drugs or even supplements -- just don't suit a given person. Since you just started the Anadrol and these problems set in at the same time, definitely the most reasonable thing is to undo the change and substitute.

As for possible exceptions, the first thing I would be concerned with is that if you are using no anti-aromatase and no SERM, it's possible estrogen issues might be unacceptable with the Dianabol added to the testosterone. If so then I'd just leave things as they are with the testosterone and TA.

The second thing would be what you mean on the timing. If you mean you are now at the 5 week point of a planned 8 week cycle, very good.

If you mean you are at the tail end of 8 weeks but plan on another three, then I'd suggest just wrapping it up now. Ending sooner will mean being able to start the next cycle sooner, so in the long run it is not doing less. Instead it is substituting less-effective weeks for more-effective weeks, and also making faster recovery likely.


I've been using 10mgs/day of aromasin throughout my cycle. No gyno problems. I'm in week 7 of a planned 9 week cycle. My plan was to stop the tren ace this week, keep running the test e until week 9 and the drol (now dbol) until week 10.


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You should probably be fine with the Dianabol then.


When I took Anadrol I felt horrible until I increased my carb intake significantly.