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Feel Like a Newbie


Not real sure where I fall, so I'm posting this here.

I'm 31.

Never been involved in sports growing up, aside from playing racquetball in high school and college.

Did some Tae Kwon Do when I was 13-14. Weight training with a trainer around 17-18. Started lifting again at 23, along with about 10-15 hours a week of m.a. training (traditional TKD, filipino Arnis, bjj).

At 27 I stopped lifting and training, discovered drinking and working crazy hours.

Now, I'm 31. Trying to get back into regular strength training. Trying to drop the heavy drinking. And would like to get back into m.a. training.

I'm 5'11, approx. 165 lbs...but fall into the very stereotypical "skinny-fat" category.

I've been a "nervous" person for most of my life. I'm allergic to...living, basically. As a result, I don't sleep well and still drink more than I should.

As far as working out: I'm, starting the 1st...following the 31 Day Challenge outlined on gymjunkies.com....hit 245 lbs. on my deadlift ORM on June 1st (personal best ever!!)

My eating tends to fall into the Anabolic Diet / "primal" eating (marksdailyapple.com).

I really don't care for being huge. Honestly, I just want to be about 175 lbs. (my heaviest ever was 190) and be about 10% bf. Really, I want to be fit and healthy. And as strong as possible at that weight.

Not sure where I'm going with this. Been reading/lurking on here for about 10 years...and recently decided this is the place I need to frequent in order to reach my fitness goals.

Simply put, I wanna be a T-Man and any suggestions would be welcomed.



I know many mma fighters who follow something like an upper/lower body split. Think westside for skinny bastards http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles.html

Hey if you can handle a low carb diet and function @100%. Go for it. I for one can't sustain good amounts of energy levels on low carb diets. I'm a high carb, high protein, low/moderate fat diet guy. It's what works for me.

Good luck. If getting big isn't a goal. Then just train solely for strength and make technique/skills training a bigger priority. Cause that's what will make the difference in what you learn in MA.


lmao I've heard that program put that way hahaha. After looking at that place though, I might have to go there after or see if my training camp in Thailand can fly him out for some consults or something, that was some badass stuff.

Anyhow, as far as the Op's question is concerned stick with your big lifts and HIT for your first 2-3 months to build a solid base. If you want a program plan just PM me, I'm trying to juggle alot of things at the moment and don't know where I have it saved.

Best of luck


Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Re: Diet...I don't know why exactly, could be any number of things, but I've noticed as I've gotten older that I just feel gross if I eat many carbs from starches, regardless of how clean/unprocessed they are.
Not sure how well the AD is for me in regards to body comp, but just overall feelings...I feel better generally.

Probably won't be getting back into m.a. for a while still, time and money being factors, but I'd still like to get back into decent condition in the meantime.

LS08...I'll PM you as I'm curious to see what ya got when you have a chance. Thanks.

One other question, since I haven't found any threads in the archives yet....re: test levels.

I remember from Polquin's (I think it was his) article a while back and based on other stuff I've read since then, I'm concerned about low test levels (my sex drive sucks, and I can't remember the last time I had morning wood). Aside from cutting back on the booze, sticking to heavy compound lifts and trying to get better sleep...is there anything one can do to naturally increase test levels? Don't have med insurance right now, so I can't afford blood work and any possible subsequent therapy.



In "The Over 35 Lifter" forum you'll find plenty of useful threads on this topic. Of course, proper rest and diet, avoiding alcohol, etc...won't hurt :slightly_smiling:


thanks, fabiop!

...can't believe i have to look THERE! lol


Well, mate...I'm turning 34 and I hate to think that next year I'll be one of "THEM"...although there are some fucking strong dudes, and there are many knowledgeable posters...Yes, I started looking THERE :frowning: LOL

On a serious note...people seem to do fine with Alpha Male supplement from Biotest (I'm not even getting paid for advertising it!).

Also, take it with a grain of salt, Waterbury wrote an article, a while back, called "5 ways to boost Testosterone" (or something like that), featuring a diet sample plan and a training program, but I've never done it (yet :wink:


lol i spent some time earlier reading through some of the threads over there....maybe it won't be so bad after all.

was going to ask about Alpha Male and other tribulus (and similar products), since, like i said before, going through the entire medical procedure isn't financially possible at the moment.

i'll try to track down that article and give it a read, as well.


Well theres plenty of free articles on the THIS site that would be great. A lot of people suggest "starting strength" for anyone new or getting back into training. And if you are willing to spend some money on a book, Chad Waterbury has some good books, and "the new rules of lifting" is a good book as well. Just plan on learning and improving on squat, deadlift, bench, row, and pullup. If you find a program that doesn't pretty much revolve around those lifts, then it probably isn't good.

Congrats on making the decision, now get'er done