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Feel Like a Good MMORPG

Want to get back into the online play but haven’t kept up on the latest and greatest. Don’t even suggest WoW, that one has run its course. Something for PC and heavy on the PvP focus. Suggestions, Pros/Cons of some of the better ones?

I thought about this recently… and yes I quit wow a long time ago that games been nerfed and turned to garbage… over the past 3ish years… but I couldn’t come up with any options.

Right now a game popped into my head thats pvp heavy that a friend plays… eve online… from what he described it was good. But that was a year ago.

I just started Runes of Magic. It’s FREE and the gameplay/graphics is very comparable to WoW.
Actually I enjoy this game more.

Also, if you’re looking for some single player fun check out Minecraft. (Not quite MMO) It’s very addicting, but not free.
You get your own world and can mine and build anything out of anything. There are monsters which try to kill you too.

There are tons of free MMOs out there. Lord of the Rings Online has gone free recently and the graphics are not bad, but I just don’t like LoTR so I deleted it. If you like turn based games where you get your own party of character classes (in a MMO!) check out Atlantica Online.

Now that you’ve played WoW, you’re going to have a hard time getting into anything else.

I would actually recommend WoW if you started playing before Wrath of the Lich King, just for the fact that the upcoming expansion promises to not hand out gear for minimum effort anymore.