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Feel Like a Fatty


So, over a period of time, I lost a significant amount of fat and then built some muscle. My girlfriend tells me that I look like a new person and I am pretty much in shape (FWIW)..

However, having spent the previous 20 years being fat, I just feel fat, and needless to say, have the insecurities of a fat guy.

Anyone care to share some thoughts? Or maybe it's high time that I start taking alfa male..


Look at your screen name here.

Not the right way to do things. Start flooding yourself with compliments, write down what you like of your body, find keywords or mental pictures that you can use when you feel low (like, remember how your girl tells you about how you look fine), etc.


Yeah, I signed up when I was obese. I thought the screen name would be funny when I get ripped. But unfortunately, I never got "ripped", and don't want to start over with a new id here. Thank's, will try that.


I think you can actually change that name without starting over.

You could change it to "Former Fat Bastard" or "Fit Bastard". Something like that to start with the mentality change.


Can you elaborate on "feeling fat?" I'm not quite sure I follow. Are you still fatter than you want to be?


Its possibly like when someone they lose a limb and they say they can still feel it.


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Takes a while to get used to a new body !!, can take even longer for the mind to catch up with the new body appearance.

Time to get a new focus , put the old 'self' aside, start accepting the new version.

(big nurse---another former fat bastard)


Quit being a bitch. /thread




Dude, the Ennui thread is not here.


Yeah this. Don't worry, it takes some time but you'll soon be able to walk past a mirror and believe your eyes :slightly_smiling: then you'll wonder what the big deal was:D


Are you menstruating? If you're menstruating then you're probably retaining water. That's probably making you a little bloated, and that's making you feel fat. Give it a few days and it should go away naturally.


Thanks for the good burn :).


You need to change your mental outlook of yourself. You see yourself as you were, not as you are now.

I have had this problem myself. I was 275-ish when playing football, then got up to as much as 295 being fat. Now I am 220 and lean. You have to see yourself as, "that was the person you were." You are not that person, your habits are not what they were back then, so it is not who you are now.


or you can try cranberry juice.


F*ck yeah!!!


I started to type a response, but I'm still mourning the death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. It kinda derailed my whole thoughts on the matter. I'll try to do better once I've recovered.


You need a little of what I've got in the post above. :wink:

It'll make you feel better. Really!