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Feel Incline DB Bench Warm-up in Delts

I’ve been noticing lately that when incline benching with db’s I really feel it in the medial delts. Especially with warm up weights. Not very strong at all right now, but when getting into working weights, 60, 70, 80 pounds, I notice it’s not effecting my shoulders that much, or at all.

Tend to do higher reps with warm ups. 12-15. Lower with working, 5-8. But, still feel it in the medials with the lower weight at the beginning of the set,

Could this be possibly from not setting up properly, not having the correct form, or maybe something else? Or, perhaps is it normal for someone still a little weaker, like myself? Just wondering if anyone has some input on this? I think it might be hindering my progress some what.

Do you mean your anterior delts? Your front delts?

They are the prime movers, along with pecs on the incline dummbell bench.

[quote]CrushKillDestroy wrote:
Do you mean your anterior delts? Your front delts?

They are the prime movers, along with pecs on the incline dummbell bench. [/quote]

Nope. I do mean the medial delts. That’s why I’m asking the question. If it were the anterior delts I wouldn’t be so perplexed.

I’ve tried flaring the elbows and bringing them in. Doesn’t matter, still really feel it right in the middle.

I don’t see how this is perplexing at all. DB inclines are very close to DB shoulder presses. I feel inclines in my medial delts a bit too, but I’m focused on stretching and contracting my chest while doing this. My tris and shoulders come into play but that’s unavoidable. If you are planning on an epic shoulder session the next day then it may be a problem, but that’s why we program and set up splits properly.

Use a lower incline my dude

Well, perhaps perplexing was a bit much. It’s just new, inclines have never done this to me before.

Incline is set to the lowest possible.

Just weird I guess, as it seems to fatigue them more than lateral raises do, and it’s fairly new.

I’ll just keep plugging away.

30 -35 degrees for incline, thereafter at the end of my chest workout or perhaps as a warm up i might do steep incline champagnes, mixed w/ limited ROM pressing for volume or flies…but doing so my intention is the upper shelf and anterior work…well w/ the champagnes i try to keep it int he chest as best i can, and that refers to the ROM w/in the rom.

btw - dorian yates would say just do heavy declines for overall chest stimulation.

I’m surprised nobody has said this; but there is a greater likelihood that you are actually also simply feeling the strain on your RC muscles. Perhaps your biomechanics cause this to happen, or they simply just aren’t as used to this movement yet. However, just because I said the word “Strain” doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing - I’m talking more about the simple pressure.

I have been incline dumbbell benching over a year,and still feel quite a bit in that ‘medial delt area’. I think it’s fine OP, just don’t do something if it’s discomforting. A lot of people actually even just use Incline Benching as their Shoulder workout because it is a Prime Mover rather than just a synergist like most people think in Incline Pressing (John Meadows a good example).

Stay safe

Try only a slight incline. Put a 25lb plate under the head part of the bench. Also try doing them like these, without flaring the elbows so much.