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Feel Great 24-48 Hours After Injection, Feel Bad on Day 3

To start here is my protocol:

50 mg Test Cyp evert 3.5 days

Ive noticed that 24 hours after my injection, I feel incredible, and this persists up until right before my next injection and the day OF my injection. I feel irritable, tired, neurotic and semi depressed.

Then 24 hours after my injection I feel amazing again.

Im trying to maintain this state of well being and Im wondering of more frequent injections could help. any suggestions?

Ive actually had my bloodwork done exactly 24 hours after injection to give you an idea of what my peak levels are. Im not sure what my trough levels are, but I feel like they might be dramatically different:

here is my most recent bloodwork 24 hours after injection:

Total T: 1316 ng/dl (264-916)

Free T: 28.3 ng/dl (9.3-26.5)

Estradiol (sensitive): 40.1 pg/ml (8.0-35.0)

SHBG: 45.2 nmol/l (16.5-55.9)

IGF1: 252 ng/mL (101-307)

DHEA: 278.0ug/dL (138.5-475.2)

TSH: 1.240uIU/mL (0.450-4.500)

It’s worth a shot, right. I’d probably just go to MWF as a first step.so 33mg or .17ml if it’s the 200mg/ml concentration testosterone. You’re getting a pretty decent response to your shots now so I’d try splitting it up. I didn’t really start feeling well until I had my trough numbers a bit higher than your peak, so you may want to try bumping the dose if MWF doesn’t work rather than trying EOD or ED injection frequency. Say to 120mg total perhaps. Try for a couple of months and the reevaluate.

Just some ideas to think about.

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I’d try 50mg 3x a week

I’ll be the odd one out and suggest staying on e3.5d but raise your dose a bit. If those are your peak values, I’d guess you trough TT is about half of your peak. Your FT is great at peak and likely too low at trough. Try 75mg 2x per week, you should notice a difference in about 3 weeks or so

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You could likely benefit from a slight dose increase, given your SHBG level.

Maybe 60mg each injection (120mg).

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Increase the dose. 75mg twice a week should do the trick

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My Peak levels would be too high, as they are already

Even though my peak levels are already high?

Your labs are at peak levels. Usually, we like to see levels that are at trough, which would be right before your next injection. What is likely happening is your somewhat high SHBG are binding to your Free T and by the time you’re due for your next injection, your Free T level has dropped.

More frequent injections, at slightly lower doses, will keep your levels more steady, as you won’t see too much variation between peak and trough. This roller coaster of levels can really bother some folks.

How long have you been on TRT?

3 months. I have cruised in the past however.

Did you have these same issues when “cruising” if not what dose did you take for that?

So you feel not so good 2 days out of a week?

If everything is else fine… Maybe stay the course.

I also felt like that yesterday on my day of injection but I usually don’t.

Any suggestion on how i should dose my eod injections? Im currently taking 100 mg a week (50 mg every 3.5 days)

How many mgs should i take every week? 30? Would total out to 105 a week. Or should i drop my dose?

100mg/week = 14 or 15mg per day

So take 28 or 30mg every other day and it will work out to about 100mg per week (98 or 105mg/wk depending on whether you base it on 14 or 15mg)

Should. I expect my T and E2 to go up due to splitting the dose up or or down?

Your TT peak will be lower and the trough will be higher with more frequent injections at the same dose.

What about my e2?

It follows T

How do you suggest I split my EOD dose up?

30 mg EOD? it was originally 50 mg every 3.5 days

If you want levels lower than they are now, decrease dosage by 20% as I already suggested in another thread and inject EOD. I don’t think you are going to dial-in on the first try, you’ll likely need a couple of tries to get it right and if you keep obsessing over it, this dialing in process will take forever.

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