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Feel Good/Pick-Me-Up Supplements?

Anyone know of any supps aside from caffeine that can give a bit of a pick me up? Looking for something to use in the morning. I always seem to drag for the first 2-3 hrs of work.

Sleep and nutrition are both good.

I decided to cut caffeine awhile back and started drinking lemon water instead (Just 1 lemon squeezed into a glass of water, not some Lemon Water supplement). I’ve read lots of claims of people using this as their morning energizer.
It seemed to curb my craving for coffee for awhile, although I’ve just finished my 6th cup of coffee for the day…I should get back on the lemon water train again…

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Seriously, the best way to feel energetic on a given morning is to sleep well the night before. Try CBD or CBD/THC supplements the night before, which helps you relax in the evening, sleep better, and wake up energized. Even a glass of red wine the night prior can help (but don’t go past two glasses or it will negatively impact your sleep).

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A few things I’v used in the past.

  • Vinpocetine (google it), just dont overdo it.
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Nootropics (again, google it)

I do use cbd/thc 10:1 ratio, along with melatonin and l theanine. Perhaps my stack is leaving my a bit groggy upon waking up. I sleep around 7 hrs a night.

Theanine plus coffee lights me up like a Christmas tree. Not jittery caffeine lit up, but bright and energized.

And B6 before bed.

Same here. I get all the benefits of the caffeine with no jitters, just a clean boost but, want to lay off caffeine a bit.

I think it has been my pre bed stack. I cut it back half and have naturally woken up earlier.