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Feel Good on Shot Day, Feel Bad 2 Days Later

hi… why i feel my trt just for 1-2 days afger day 2 i donot feel why?
my dose 150 to 200 mg a week. i use hcg and arimidex

hi… iam on trt for 2 week 150.to 200.mg once a week… when i inject i feel good just for 2 days… after 2 days i feel like i have no testosterone… iam 20 yrs old . am using hcg and arimidex… am secondary hypogonadism and iam not going through puberty yet and my voice is not deep at all…this is because iam not sensitive to it yet or what? can some one help me pls?

Hey Devan

How long have you been on TRT?

What is your HCG dose and A-dex dose?

Send me your entire protocol

Try splitting your testosterone injections into 2

I.E Monday + Thursday 100mg + 100mg

Tuesday + Friday 100mg + 100mg

whatever works best for you. That will keep things more stable. and I bet you feel better.

I actually have to inject daily or I feel the same way you do.

Have you had your SHBG tested? If so what is that number?

I will help as much as I can

Labs will help us help you, once weekly protocols while they work for some, there is room for improvement. Your levels will be fluctuating for the next 6 weeks, there will be bad days and good days. This will happen to those just starting TRT or those who are trying out a new TRT protocol as it takes 6 weeks to levels to become stable everytime the dosage is changed.

TRT isn’t going to work overnight, tissue must be repaired and this process is measured in months, 6-12 months when TRT is done right.

Usually when T is injected it takes 24-48 hours for testosterone to peak (1-2 days), then start to decline and everyone’s rate of decline is different. Once weekly protocols can cause your levels to swing, I could feel my levels swinging injecting T every 3.5 days and didn’t start responding to TRT until I started injecting every 2 days.

There are some guys who can inject once weekly and feel fine, it’s going to be different for everyone. I’m not a fan of starting out on TRT, HCG and an AI as there are too many moving parts to analyze, you don’t know what’s doing what. Add to that a lot of guys just don’t tolerate HCG well.

Chose a dosage and stick with it or you may never reach a stable state if you keep changing your dosages.

Where does your pre-TRT SHBG and estrogen sit?

system lord thank u… but why at the innection faybi feel beast … aftrr that day i feel nothing.
before trt i had normoal e2 and shbg… 170 test… 10 to 27 e2… 28 shbg

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You’re welcome,

If you have ever been on a roller coaster you know it’s full of ups and downs, this is what your testosterone and estrogen levels are doing for the first couple of weeks. I’m the same way, I inject and feel good for only 1-2 days and as I get closer to 6 weeks, I start feeling more consistent everyday.

However when I was injecting 7-10mg everyday I didn’t feel these peaks and troughs, I felt the same everyday. If you’re not already, you should inject using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Your SHBG is midrange and most of those guys do well on injections every 3.5 days, I would start out at 50-60mg twice weekly and retest in 6 weeks. This would get most men midrange to high normal total testosterone.

thank u…
am on trt for 3 week
hcg 500 iu 2 days befor may new injection
arimidex 2.5 mg a week
before trt my shbg was normal… around 28
after incetion am feeling so good and i have so much sexual think but after day 1 its getting so much lower

Your protocol sounds pretty normal.

Okay so your SHBG is good. That means your body is going to hold onto the testosterone really well: mine is 3-6 tops so I have to inject daily.

3 weeks isn’t really enough time to have reached steady state levels. Be patient.

I would definitely however switch to two injections a week on the testosterone

Do you inject IM or Sub q?

my shbg was 28 before trt but donot know now
shoud i test it now??? iam am injrct in glutes … this is make a different???

my shbg was normal before trt but for now idonot know… and someone inject in my glutes

It may probably decrease down to around 20, no big deal. My SHBG was mid 20’s before TRT and now hovers around low 20’s to high teens. My insulin resistance and obesity is lowering my SHBG, insulin resistance and obesity will lower SHBG.

That’s a lot of Arimidex for TRT

What’s your E2 number on that dose ?

Considering you have only been on TRT 3 weeks, that’s too much AI.

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You don’t do your own injections ?


15 to 25

how u know u have insulin resistance??? i think insulin resistance not true for teen… my a1c is 5.58

Are you saying this because you don’t know exactly or is your doc not giving you the same dose each time?

can someone tell me how to inject my self. or send me a video…

Are you doing subq or im

Youtube has videos showing how to inject testosterone, can’t link videos here. Just don’t pay attention to glute injections, shallow IM is the way to go.

what about delt or pec. injection they are bad or good??