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Feel Crappy After Injection


Hi I am a 24 year old currently getting 200 mg injections every 2 weeks or so. I always feel bad the first week or so after getting my injection and then feel a lot better the second week as I get closer to the time for my next injection. Why is this and how can I fix this?


You and your doctor do not know how to properly manage TRT. But you can learn:

  • read the advice for new guys sticky - carefully
    – we need your labs with ranges and a lot more info about you
    – note the first paragraph

  • read the protocol for injection sticky

To answer your question: We do not see guys injecting 200mg every two weeks who report that they fee well. In your case, I suspect that you are getting estradiol spikes. But need to have lab data to go further.

You may need to read the finding a TRT doc sticky

What you need to do is self inject T and inject 50mg twice per week. You need steady T levels and your labs when on TRT with injections every two weeks are rather useless as the labs are only a point on a curve that is changing drastically.


Thanks, I’m going to get some lab work done tomorrow. What should I get checked, just the testosterone and estradiol or anything else also? I was doing 200mg per week and after a week my T was at about 800 and estradiol was at about 50. This is why I changed to 200mg every two weeks.


Lab data from injecting every two weeks is very useless.

What you need to do is self inject T and inject 50mg twice per week. Then do labs 3 weeks later.

fasting cholesterol [might be low]
TSH - read the thyroid basics sticky

E2 should be near E2=22pg/ml


Thanks for your advice! I convinced my doctor to let me self-inject, so I am currently doing 50 mg twice weekly myself. The problem is that I am injecting a 200 mg/ml solution using a 3ml syringe so it is very hard to measure out such a small amount. I use a 18G needle to draw up the solution and then a 21G needle to inject. This is what my doctor prescribed but I guess he assumed I would just be giving myself one injection weekly and not twice weekly. What do you suggest I use? Thanks.


I use a BD insulin syringe. Most people can get then without a prescription. Mine is a 29 gauge 1ml .5 inch needle. Reorder number is 329411. It fills slowly, but you have no waste from changing needles and head space.



Is .5 inch long enough? My current ones are 1.5 inches, I thought it had to be long enough to reach the muscle.


Many here are using 0.5ml #29 1/2" insulin needles. Some inject IM, some inject SC. Both work equally well* so do what you find works out better for you in terms of comfort. These needles are cheap, around $14 for a box of 100 at Walmart and Sam’s.

Injections are 100% delivery of the T esters. Inside your body, the ester groups are removed yielding bio-identical testosterone.

Don’t expect you doc to understand SC injections even as he might also promote transdermal T gels or creams or sub-dermal pellets.

You will like this change.

Use the 0.5ml syringes as these develop higher pressures than 1.0ml syringes which reduces injection times. Time to load is equally slow.


  • read the protocol for injections sticky


Im still confused, will a 0.5 inch needle like that reach the muscle? I don’t understand the difference what you mean by IM and SC injections. I inject in the glutes so will this size needle reach the muscle?


IM - into muscle
SC - sub cutaneous, under the skin, sometimes seen as SQ

Read the stickies that I have suggested and you will understand these things… **************************

You will be injecting into the skin on the top of your upper leg or into a large muscle group there. You can actually see what you are doing and you don’t need to be a contortionist to get the job done. And you will not rick sticking a needle into your sciatic nerve! There will be less tissue/muscle damage and scaring with tiny needles and less blood and pain.

The old methods are quite inappropriate.

You can get those needles without a prescription in most jurisdictions.


Thanks, I have taken your advice and I am not injecting about 50-60 mg every 3 days. I am going to go get labwork done soon to see the results. Since I am injecting every three days, does it even matter what day I get the labs done?


It sort of does matter and sort of doesn’t. Long esters (slower to break down) build up in your system over time. I know in my case that even though I’ve been self-injecting EOD with the same amount, it took over 6 months for my labs to settle in to a consistent pattern. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get bloodwork done, but don’t get too freaked out chasing numbers right away.

In terms of syringes, I found Easy-Touch to be better than BD. I also use the 28 gauge 1/2" 0.5cc. 29g or 30g were too fine for my use. I bent a few going through the rubber stopper on my vial. The 28g are perfect for me-- nearly painless, sturdy enough, and tiny for when I have to travel.


thank you guys, I have followed all of your advice, I’ve been injecting 50mg every three days and just got blood work done after about three weeks on this routine. My TT was about 800 and my E2 was at about 37. I feel a lot better now. Still, my E2 is high but I do not want to use any drugs such as an AI so should I lower my dosage of test to 40 mg every three days instead? This should lower my E2 even more but will it bring my testosterone level too low?