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Feel Better on Less Frequency/Higher One Time Dose?

Now I know the online forums don’t represent the vast majority of people who were fine from the get go and went on about their marry way.

But it is still interesting as to how much more frequent injections people preach online. I say this not just because in my case I didn’t feel a difference, but I actually felt BETTER doing less frequent injections.

I would just like to know are there more people with this same experience? Remember feeling no difference is not topic here, it is actually better on less frequency and feeling worse on more frequency.

I tried rationalizing it in DHT conversion? Actually having lower troughs, letting you enjoy a higher level for a few days then dropping before giving side effects that a none ending higher level would? Same thing with E2 in that regards? I even one time dropped T altogether to feel this insane shitty feeling people supposedly get before their next shot comes, and i can tell you it would take way more than a week for me to feel that feeling. You got people here seriously “dying” before their next shot if they did once a week injection, or at the very least “feeling” their trough going e3.5d.

Going less frequent to something like E5D or once a week, gave me that euphoric rush I don’t get on too frequent injections and the troughs would be pretty damn good and calming still feeling damn good. On too much frequent injections it was a lot of static just meh feeling, better than pre trt??? Sure I guess, but not something I would have been fighting tooth and nail for.

edit: my SHBG for the past year has been 18-22

It is, most (about 80-85%) do fine with weekly dosing. I’ve tried one, two and three times a week for fun and I can not tell a difference. Stopping briefly took me three weeks to feel bad. However, I say go with whatever works for you. If you watch this forum long enough, you’ll find guys constantly searching to “dial in” who have tried one or two dozen different protocols.

I think that this is due to guy’s not being patient when they start TRT. I did it myself. After 2-3 weeks you start feeling symptoms and you read and you want to change things up.

The key is to wait 6 to 8 weeks I would say sometimes even longer to let your body do its thing. This is as long as you start on a reasonable dose of between 100 and 150. And I would always start with just the testosterone nothing else added to it.

I just got labs back. And my testosterone is 620 on trough And that is only on 100 mg divided into two doses. My free t in the upper range of normal . I gather it goes all the way up to about 900 at peak. I do inject between 100 and 120 though and I feel good. It seems my estradiol on 100 is only in the mid-twenties and I feel better it being higher especially my joints. So I try to inject a little bit above 100 mg.

Another myth that guy’s push regarding thyroid treatment is that you need to take a full replacement dose. I take only 30 mg (1/2 grain) of armor it gets my TSH to between 0.8 and 1 with a great free t3.

If you are to guess why would you think are the reasons some people actually respond better to less frequency?

You get any other symptom besides joint pain with E2 in the 20s?? If you dont mind me asking.

It’s really something hard to figure out. Because if your estradiol is lower it also sometimes means your free t is lower. So you don’t know what’s causing what.

We do know that estradiol below range is not healthy.
The point I was trying to make is that people read what your estradiol needs to be exactly and there’s a range and it’s individual. So they start chasing numbers instead of looking at the symptoms.

Personally I think being at a higher testosterone level makes me retain more water which I don’t like. It could be the high testosterone or maybe it’s the estradiol that’s higher. It’s hard to figure out. Because testosterone itself causes water retention if taken in high doses.

E2 in the twenties could be where someone needs to be. I’m doing okay with it in the mid to upper twenties. Remember when we take the labs it’s reflects a moment in time. There could be other days where my estradiol could be higher and lower.

I think a starting dose everyone should be 100 mg a week. Either in one injection or divided in two. I don’t subscribe to any more injections than two. And it don’t matter what the SHBG is. All I know s h b g does is it affects what the free testosterone is. Perhaps it may affect how much you inject but not the frequency in my book.

I’m not sure, maybe it is the higher dose the weekly guys generally take. Maybe they like the higher spikes and are not bothered by a lower trough.

Have you ever tried Test P for TRT?

I’m thinking the daily fluctuations might actually feel better than really stable levels, or a peak-trough cycle every 3.5 or 7 days

No but i have been thinking about it. I was also thinking the same in regards to daily injections, maybe these long esters are too overwhelming for some people to go to frequent, so prop can be the answer for that. I also thought maybe for ED/EOD on these long esters to work you have to have a hefty dose reduction for the week.

I tried this a bit before TRT. 30mg daily prop. I realized I’d get this super good feeling about 18 hours after my shot, so I started doing them around 3p so I’d feel amazing every morning

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That’s really smart haha, why did you stop?

Did you notice any differences with regards to aromatization?

I read somewhere that there’s apparently a study showing less water retention and aromatization from Test P. Maybe because E2 conversion doesn’t have time to catch up due to larger fluctuations?

Ran out of prop. Went on real TRT after that.

Didn’t test anything so no idea how labs looked. No difference in water retention. Gained and lost the same 8 LBS I always do when going on cycle

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But mentally you felt better on Prop?

Don’t know that I felt better, it was just noticeable on a daily basis

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OP, Most do fine with weekly shots. You’re one of them, and you know a little more about yourself now, but ya still wanted to complain about something, for some reason. Lol.

What am I complaining about?

Perhaps its your wording. But nevertheless its a complaint about the preaching, which in your case didnt work out. Thats all. Glad you found a solution to your situation.

Ester has a lot to do with this.

If you’re on Sustanon the prop ester really screws up lower frequency dosing. You can get as stable (difference between peak and trough) on cyp once per week as sustanon eod!

Alright… lol.