Feel Better After Getting Bloodwork, Then Symptoms Return

Age : 29
So i have been troubled for 2-3 yrs with lack of energy, lack of motivation, depressive like symptoms, always tired etc. I decided to go and do bloodtests. Every time i go to guy, I feel alot better, alot engergy etc, but after 2-3 weeks, feels like im gassed out, without any motivation to go further.
After first test result were:
Vitamin D (25-OH)
41.3 nmol/l >75.0
7.1 nmol/l 8.0-29.0
After these numbers, I visited doctor after he told to make new test.
Results are here:
3.4 U/L 1.5-12.4
5.18 U/L 1.7-8.6
432 mU/L 86-324
Free androgen index
66.92 % 35.0-92.6
15.15 nmol/L 8.64-29.0
22.64 nmol/L 18.3-54.1

Free test
0.380 nmol/L >=0.220
100.5 pmol/L <=159

This indicates the problem may very well be mental. The testing you have is limited, would like to see thyroid labs.

Your vitamin D is low.

Are you on any medications for depression?

Sorry, there was spelling mistake. Not " guy " but Gym. But after a while, my body gets exhausted and i have no motivation whats so ever. My diet is good.
No I am not on any medication. Today, doctor told that my bloodresults are good, and we should check prolactine after 2 months or so.
I feel alot better, when I have test 15 nmol compared to 7nmol, but not as much " boosted " as i was before.
When i was tested first ( when test was 7 nmol ) i got TSH also. ( tests were made 1 week apart ).
1.64 mIU/l 0.40-4.00
0.97 µg/l <1.40
12.27 nmol/l >7.64
Ferritin 126.1 µg/l 28.0-370.0

Within this 1 week, i tried to control my stress, and get more sleep. But even with 15 nmol test, i dont feel like I felt before.

Thank you for answers.

This may indicate that this test level isn’t ideal for you and that you would feel better higher.