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Feeding Time


And here's what it's like during meal time in our household. And you folks wonder why it's tough for Ko to get enough food? Here it is.

At the left we have Kato. The "big baby" who's a Umbrella Cockatoo, his favorite saying is, "scratch?" - which he "stole" from our Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoo, JoJo. In the middle is Zia, a Half-Moon Conure, who likes to perch on our shoulders; especially when you're eating chips (she "pretends" she's eating chips, too by crunching away along with you), and the infamous Yoshi, a African Grey. Yoshi farts, burps, rings like the phone, barks like a dog, meows, and sounds just like Ko when he talks (which sometimes is just eerie). This is just part of the "family". :slight_smile:


Those birds look mighty delicious...

LOL, the sign was right - there IS plenty of room for all God's creatures right next to the mashed potatos lol...

I love them birds.


You guys are funny. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the pic. "Boy, some new protein sources would go awfully nice with that new hot sauce I picked up."


Paging Doctor Kolittle... Doctor Kolittle...


Well, it's like this:

Kato likes the rice. Zia was eating the chicken. Yoshi was rather upset since there was no red meat (since he likes red meat), and when there's nothing he likes, he just picks at the food and throws it around. He's pretty messy - hence, the look on Ko's face.

I really don't think these birds would be good eaten.


So that's why Ko keeps "bulking" with no success......