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Feeding Myself While Broke?


I am currently extremely low on money and i was wondering if anyone had some ideas of economical food items and meals that would be sufficient for someone on a 12 week cycle of cyp and tren. Money is tight and any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I am looking for any ideas, from fastfood fixes to fully cooked meals to filling snacks. Thanks for your help.


For #1 dont do it !

If your decided "live" on Whey Protein from EAS you can get the 5 pound bag at SAMs

and last, do you have your PCT ?


unless you have plentiful calories you wont get optimum resulsts

although saying that i have witnessed guys getting massive on a diet of steroids and kfc

you would be best waiting until u have more cash but if thats not the answer you wanted to hear buy groceries in bulk

buy chicken fillets in packs of 30 or 50 etc and you will be able to get much better prices

especially with the recession its possible to haggle a bit on larger quantites


Pork is cheap these days. Eggs, chicken, broccoli, can be found for a reasonable price if you shop around.


Peanut butter and tuna are really cheap as well. That's your protein and fat source right there if you are running out of funds.


tuna fish is also cheap and loaded with protein might want to stick to tuna in spring water


More than 3 tins of Tuna a week can present a problem with heavy metal content. White albacore is the worst (2 tins max). For a bodybuilder, this doesn't represent a big part of your intake. It can be a small component however...


wtf @ buying a cycle of AAS and not having any money for food.


Right ON !!!

Save the AAS until you get funding for FOOD !!!



... someone who's concerned about his budget for food, yet shells out the dough for 'roids.

Here's the hierarchy, son:

1) Food (you need it to live; you don't NEED training).
2) Training
3) Lifestyle
4) Supplements
5) Drugs

And the drugs can be used when you are so experienced that you don't have to ask the SIMPLEST of questions on nutrition.

You don't know how to set up a menu, yet want to do drugs. Are you kidding me? This nutrition shit is second nature to drug-using advanced trainees. I'm wondering if you even know what you're doing with the drugs.

Good luck folks.


well said. op, I think it's time to reassess your priorities



I put lifestyle third because I know some guys that can get away with less-than-optimal sleep habits and some pot smoking and drinking but still make some gains while training and eating OK. That's a tough one to place on the scale.


Stray cats.


I rely on cheap stuff myself:

Canned salmon, canned tuna, canned chicken
Canned beans in water
Frozen vegetables
Liver (two bucks or less per pound); actually all innards are cheap as hell secondary to their unpopularity

The Asian market down the block from my house has everything dirt cheap! Yesterday I bought a tremendous fresh fruit mix (strawberries, mangoes, apples, pineapples, cantaloupe, honeydew) for four bucks; there must be over 12 servings of fruit in it.

Sometimes I buy fresh salmon and beef.

I do buy cottage cheese and yogurt no matter what the price, although dairy is a huge rip-off these days!

Dry cereals I use for carbup-refeeds aren't expensive.

Gasp! Did I say just say I eat canned goods?


Yeah, but skinning them's a bitch!



laughing my goddamn ass off!!!

I've never seen a more accurate representation of the ultimate sadness that is some of the questions on this board.


They were a great band. Brian Setzer is a killer guitarist :wink:


krogers yo you can get packs of 18 eggs for like 2.18, actually dozen eggs are like .79 cents right now. Ground turkey, ground beef are cheap as hell especially if you buy like family packs (just rinse it good after cooking).

ya krogers has chicken breast on sale to something like 1.78 cents a lb!

Oatmeal/grits are cheap as hell

You can use great value cheap ass kids cereal for a high GI PWO carbs with some whey protein mixed in there.

i buy big bags of almonds to snack on.
pretty much all I got. Yet I'll echo other people and say wtf were thinking making sauce a priority over food. nerve of some people!




where is this place, if you dont mind me asking