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Feeding My Dog Grow!?


I was thinking if I should feed my dog a SMALL amount of Grow! I bet she would like it. She sits there and stares at me when I'm fixing a protein shake. I bet she's thinking, "Give me some of that, ya pig!"




Reminds me of the thread a while back, some guy from Europe somewhere got Surge for the first time. In his excitement mixing his first shake dropped the open container and his dog ate it ALL.

It would most likely enjoy the Grow! as well.Doesnt everyone??


If it's the chocolate flavor, you might want to think twice if you love your dog. There's an ingredient in chocolate (cocoa) called theobromine that can be toxic to dogs in large quantities. Hence the often-heard warnings against feeding dogs chocolate bars.


Just wanted to add my old 16lb dog ate a 1lb chocolate bar and lived to tell about it! But then again also gone run over by a car, lost a leg and a nut and some how managed to get the neighbors german sheapard pregnant...

Chocolate is bad for dogs but I don't think a little grow would hurt them, better then the table scraps most people pass their dogs (I do believe the obesity rate in dogs closely mimics that of people... imagine that)


My friend's dog ate a pound of fudge two weeks ago. Ain't died yet I reckon.

Why would you waste Grow! on a pup? it would be much happier with a chopped up hot dog or maybe some ground hamburger.


Good lord.


My yellow lab ate all my halloween candy when I was younger. She lived a long happy life.


True. But it would be just a bit... like 1/4 of a scooop, if that... just gotta show some love towards man's best friend :slightly_smiling:


It doesn't work on stupid little apricot poodles. I feed that damn dog chocolate every day, thinking each time that this could be the day that theobromo-whatever catches up with him...but nope the damn dog thinks I'm his buddy. I hate that dog.


In that case try feeding it a pound of baker's chocolate (the real bitter kind); the concentration of theobromine in it just might do the trick.

Regular-sized milk chocolate bars will probably only give a large-sized dog the runs, due to the lower concentration of the chemical in milk chocolate. I was really talking about large quantities of the stuff being dangerous.

Maybe a little Chocolate Grow! wouldn't kill, but why risk even an upset stomach if you really love your dog?


On my brother's birthday he filled my dog's water bowl with beer. The dog drank it all(rather quickly), went to go lick his nuts, fell over in the process and went to sleep. I wonder if he got a hangover?


As far as feeding the dog Grow!, I have given my dogs helpings of mine over the years simply because of the PUPPY DOG EYES. They all have loved it.

As far as the chocolate issue and dogs, well one of my dog is only about 20lbs. On Easter we came home and found that he had eaten all the easter chocolate gifts. Over 10 of those bunnies and who knows how many of the little chocolate eggs. He has made it to 13 yrs old so far, so I think the dog/chocolate issue is a bit over done. They have said the same things about grapes & dogs too!


Chocolate can kill dogs. The amount in a serving of Grow probably won't hurt.

From About theobromine:

"Cocoa and chocolate products may be toxic or lethal to dogs and other domestic animals such as horses because these animals metabolize theobromine more slowly than humans. The heart, central nervous system, and kidneys are affected. Early signs of theobromine poisoning in dogs include nausea and vomiting, restlessness, diarrhea, muscle tremors, and increased urination or incontinence. The treatment at this stage is to induce vomiting. Cardiac arrhythmias and seizures are symptoms of more advanced poisoning."


You want to give your dog something that they really like, try a freshly killed mouse or rat. Real dog food.


my cat cought a mouse today and brought it into the living room to show of her catch... then proceeded to swollow it down... good eats!

Back on topic any one have any idea of the AMOUNT of chocolate necassary to cause harm to a dog? As I mentioned my dog ate 1/16 of its body weight in chocalate with maybe only a few runny poo's to show for it!


Lethal dosages of theobromine in dogs can vary between 250-500 mgs per kg of dog weight. An ounce of milk chocolate contains about 50 mgs of the chemical, while baker's chocolate contains about 450 mgs per ounce.

Vomiting and diarrhea are some of the first symptoms of poisoning. Seizures can follow.