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Feedback Wanted

Hi guys & gals,

I’ve been a bit dry on article topics lately (worthwile ones anyway), so I thought I’d put the question directly to the consumer: what would you like to see? All ideas and suggestions are appreciated!

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Hi Coach,

As a football player I would personally appreciate something on conditioning for linebackers :slight_smile: Seriously, I think any contributions you would have would be interesting. I know John Davies is very popular in this realm but his workouts seem very time intensive as well as not appearing to be well matched to football. It would be interesting to see anything you could offer on speed and agility development since I think articles on strength and hypertrophy have been done to death.

Heya Charles, I’m on the third month of CPT and as I’ve told you before it’s completely kickass. I’d liek to see some routines that while maximizing strength also work on muscluar density as well. If any of you T-freques get the op to go to one of Charles’ seminars it is WELL worth it. Lata.


Hi Charles. I still refer to one of your articles on program design in muscle media. One subject I’ve really never got into is the concept of periodisation (Eng. Sp.) and why it works.

hey coach, i would love to see anything related to football…a inseason program is just a idea, since doing my current season my strength gains are gone. BTW please don’t forget about the exercise index…great website and article also (alitte ass kissing)

Coach Staley…I respect your work a great deal. I used CPT for the Summer and the circuits helped me lean up very nicely. I think a god topic for an article is what kind of diets you ue with your athletes for different phase(hypertrophy,strength,fat loss,maintenace) supplements they take and what specific supplements you reccomend because of results.An articleon proper form of Oly lifting would also be nice…Thanks Mike

I’d like to see any new ideas you have about training the mixed martial artist. Specifically sprint interval training, plyos, and lactid acid threshold training.

Flexibility!!! Diet!!! Supplements!!! Here’s another idea. How about a possible comparison of other “gurus” advice(theories) vs another’s with respect to the above topics? I don’t mean for you to bash anyone but to get the correct info out. I like your no bullshit approach. Thanks CS. :slight_smile:


I would love to see an article on stretching to achieve the awesome flexibility of martial artists and other such athletes.

I’m with Goldberg. I want to be flexible.

I think a number of us would like to see a follow up article on body types> with specific routine for long legged long arm guys and maybe one for short limbed guys.

You have also talked some about various types of “drop sets” in the past so maybe a full article on the way you do these.

Finally I think you have some real interesting ideas on increasing muscle size, Hypertrophy. Although I have never seen a fulll article on it. You have written alot about various methods to increase performance in athletes but I love to see a full article devoted to bodybuilding. Included could be sets, reps, split, variety ie.

Well anything you write I will be glad to read and experiment with but those are my ideas.

definitely flexibility.

an article on flexibility would be great

Read Ian King’s “Get Buffed” if you don’t understand periodization.

I’d like to see how you would develop an athlete(a football player, to be more specific). How do you train for speed and power(on the track and in the gym), I’d like to see how you incorporate Olympic Lifts and your take on increasing work capacity(that seems to be a newly found concept around here).

I don’t know about the other t-dogs but this dog likes to try before I buy. I was very interested in one of the training packages you offered on your website however I do not jump with both feet after getting burnt a number of times so I wanted to see your typical beginner program nutrition, training, and flexibility. I realize it will lack the personal touch which is what I would be paying for in having you coach me however I could get a good feel for how you work though a basic starter. That is just me though.

i would like to see some pertaining to football if at all possible

I would like to see an article on increasing work capacity, and determining the proper volume for a trainee. An article detailing identifying weak links and addressing them would be great.

Hey rjohal, ever heard of the Green Bay Packers, Northwestern Univ, Brett Farve, and many other football teams who now can say they kick ass in football because of Coach Davies!! Sorry, I just had to get that one off my chest. Anyway, I would also like some sport specific articles. I know everyone likes football, as do I, but how about one for each sport like basketball, hockey, tennis, soccor, martial arts whatever. This will benefit ones who are multi sport athletes. I myself would like HOCKEY, TENNIS and BASKETBALL.

I concur with Ray McCarthy. I’d love to see
a follow up article(s) on body type/limb
length and training - as it pertains to both
hypertrophy training as well as strength
training. If you could come up with training
routines and tips geared more for each body
type (short limb vs long limb) that would be
even better! BTW, your material on weight
training for martial arts is awesome - thanks.