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Feedback Thread


Hi Everyone,

In an effort to contribute or "give back", I was thinking we could use this thread to post workouts (or exercises) inspired by things learned from CT. Specifically, if you've learned something from CT's threads (i.e. CNS activation) and found a NEW way to incorporate them into your workouts then post it here. Even if you tried something new and it didn't work, post it so it can be discussed and perhaps tweaked to be more effective.


Seated Calf Raises
2 sec pause at bottom, explode up, twitch reps at the top. That equals 1 rep. Keep adding weight until I can no longer do sets of 5.

Feedback...I tried these for the first time today and felt a good pump. I will report back if I start to see a difference in my excruciatingly small calves


Gotta go with the CNS activation, hit a new 1RM on deadlift (308) using it, feeling stronger and literally gaining massive volume increases on every exercise that I have used this technique on!
CT's work truelly inspires me to always enter the gym open minded and to continue "living the dream!"


I need to tries these...
I dont have calves... I have only shins :frowning:

I have been taking ideas from CT for a short while now and have gotten great results from them. The biggest from priming the nervous system before going into other lifts. Auto-regulating is something I picked up on from previous articles of his (love that it has a name now!). Using these ideas helped me gain 7kgs in 5 weeks! Newbie gains obviously but still much greater gains than I had ever gotten before I used CT's methods.