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Feedback: SARMS+Epistane Cycle

So i’ve been entertaining the idea of running a SARMS+Epi cycle for some time now and figured to pull the trigger this year for summer prep. I’ve run gear in the past (nothing crazy), but this would be my first foray into SARMS, so looking for some feedback and thoughts to the stack i put together below; anything i should consider or worry about? Has anyone run something similar? what was your experience? I’ve learned a ton reading through all these forums, such a great outlet to educate yourself on this stuff - so i really appreciate any and all feedback! thanks!

week 1-5 Epistane (Havoc) @ 20mg
week 1-8 Ostarine @ 20mg
week 1-4 RAD-140 @ 12mg
week 5-8 RAD-140 @ 20mg
week 1-8 Blockade (on-cycle support)

week 8-12 Nolva @ 20mg
week 8-12 N2Generate
week 8-12 Hydrapharm Alchemy (AI)

**Hair-loss/Shedding Concerns - I’ve never had an issue with this in the past, even when cycling with higher doses of Winny…but its always something i get paranoid over. I’ve never actually run Epistane, but my understanding is that its a derivative of DHT - and i’ve heard some people complain of shedding/hair-loss while running it (at double the dose i’m running at, admittedly) So i figured i’d use the supps below just to be safe:

week 1-12 Ultra Labs Hair Surge (DHT blocker shampoo)
week 1-12 Biotin vitamin supp.

Well thats it. I’ve tried to read up a lot on all the compounds i’ve thrown in there and take proper on-cycle and PCT precautions. I know i can expect some decent suppression from the RAD, so i’m hoping the PCT i’ve got setup will do the trick.

Double that dose and now you’re talkin’.



Probably go 40/40/20/20 instead. Standard pct protocol applies to SARMs, especially when used in conjunction with a designer like Epi.

I have to ask…why no testosterone? You’re going to be missing it pretty badly by week three. By week eight it’ll likely be misery.

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Thanks for the reply brother. I’ve seen your posts on a bunch of threads here and you always seem to offer up some great insights. As for adding test, was going to see how i felt without, but I could def add it in there. How would you dose it with the stack above? Thanks again for taking the time to look man.

I’ll prob run 500mg Test-E through week 8 based on your suggestion. I’ll scratch the Alchemy and N2, figured it couldn’t hurt, but running Nolva i guess there is no need. Thanks for the input man - really appreciate it!

No problem man. Good luck with the cycle. Keep us updated too if your like.

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Do what iron said but I’d suggest dropping the sarms and replacing it with test. Your body will thank you later.

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Sounds good man. I’ll scrap the sarms for this one and just run epi + test-e w/ PCT dosed @ what Iron suggested. Good stuff, maybe i’ll run a mild sarms-only cycle later down the line (just curious really lol) but for now i’ll stick with what you gentlemen advised. Really appreciate the feedback fellas, thanks again!

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