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Feedback/Opinions on Self Written Program


Hey guys. Dealing with a knee injury and cant squat for the next few months. Wrote up a program until squatting is an option. Im usually a Powerlifter/Olympic Lifter but im working on upper body hypertrophy, increasing my press and maintaining/ increasing my deadlift. Its based off an 8 Day Cycle since thats what my work schedule allows. Here’s the program:

Day 1
ME Bench Variation: 3-5RM then -20% for 3x5
DB Bench- 4x12
Incline DB Fly- 4x12
Cable Crossover- 4x12
Tricep Pushdown- 5x10

Day 2
Barbell Row- 5x5
Lat Pulldown- 4x12
Cable Row- 4x12
DB Row-3x8
Cable Curl- 5x10

Day 3
Dynamic Bench Press- 5x3 @ 40/45/50% (3 Week Wave) + Mini Band
Overhead Press- 4x10-12
Lateral Dumbell Rasie- 4x12
Face Pulls- 4x12
Shrugs- 4x12
Upright Row- 4x12

Day 4
EZ Bar Curl- 3x10
Skull Crushers- 3x10
DB Hammer Curls- 3x10
Overhead Cable Ext.- 3x10
Preacher Curl- 3x10
Rope Pushdown- 3x10

Day 5
Deadlift Variation- 5x2 @ 60% then 3-5RM
RDL- 4x6
Leg Extension- 4x12
Back Raises- 5x10
Standing Calf Raise- 4x25
Seated Calf Raise- 4x25

Day 6/7/8
Rest/Light Conditioning

Any feedback you guys have would be great. Thanks!


I think it’s kind of a disaster(no offence)
You train 5 days in a row followed by 3 days off.I’d much rather see you do a 4 day upper lower split where you go 2 days on 1 day off 2 days on 3 days off(if that’s what your schedule allows you)
You have a back day.Why?
Back is important for both bench and deadlift so it makes more sense to follow them with back work

Also you have an arms day.Again why?
You can follow bench with arm work

If you wanna improve your bench and deadlift wouldn’t it make more sense to use your training days to train these lifts or close variations first?

So what I’d suggest

Day 1
ME bench variation
Bis and pecs

Day 2
ME deadlift variation (if your knee allows you to)
Calves,Traps,Ab and grip work

Day 3
Light or dynamic effort bench
Same schedule as day 1

Day 4
Light or dynamic effort deadlift
Same schedule as day 2


Well part of the problem is i can only train lower body 1x a week and i HAVE to train 5 days a week. Im in the military and my unit just enforced a new PT program where we have to work out on shift every day and then 2 of our off days. Plus this in mostly a bodybuilding program. Im working on building muscle in my upper body since thats one of my bigger problems. Also this is only the first draft. Thank you for the input though.

P.S. The Arm day is for my wife because she misses my jack arms from back when i was bodybuilding 4 years ago lol


very basic programming, same set rep/range on everything and weirdly split. mine looks something like this without the exact set/rep ranges

Deadlift (cycled, I DL every other Monday)
DL stance box squat
Romanian DL or Deficit DL (cycled on the weeks I don tDL)
Hamstring curls
Dumbbell rows/Barbell rows

biceps, whatever I feel like that wont affect my other days

Flat Bench
CG Bench
Incline Bench

Tricep work


Military Press
Dumbbell Press
Side Laterals
Rear Delt Flies


Also… what the hell is day 8?


I didn’t took into account all these parameters.Then your program sounds fine