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Feedback on Workout Routine

Hi everybody, I recently wrote the training routine that follows my post and I would be appreciative of any comment and suggestions that you make on it! I’m beginning to write my own training routines so I’m no expert and any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

A. Back extension 4x8-12
B. Deadlift Wave Loading 7-5-3-7-5-3
C. Rack pull 4x6-8
D1. DB Romanian DL 4x8-10
D2. Lat Pulldown 4x8-10
E1. Hammer Curl 3x12-15
E2. Dumbbell Curl 3x12-15

A. Pec Deck 4x8-12
B. Bench Press Wave Loading 7-5-3-7-5-3
C. Dips 4x6-8
D1. Bulgarian Split Squat 4x8-10
D2. Incline Dumbbell Press 4x8-10
E1. Leg Extension 3x12-15
E2. Triceps Pressdown 3x12-15

A. Leg Curl 4x8-12
B. Snatch Grip Deadlift 7-5-3-7-5-3
C. Good Morning 4x6-8
D1. Hip Thrust 4x8-10
D2. Meadows Rows 4x8-10
E1. One Legged Curl 3x12-15
E2. Dumbbell Shrugs 3x12-15
E3. Zottman Curls 3x12-15
F. Rear Delt Destroyer 1x60-30-10

A. Leg Curl 4x8-12
B. Squat Wave Loading 7-5-3-7-5-3
C1. Foot elevated split squat 4x6-8
C2. Military Press 4x6-8
D1. Hack squat 4x8-10
D2. Scott Press 4x8-10
D3. Dumbbell Triceps Extension

How have you come up with this? What experience have you had with other programs?

I just tried to put together a program that would help me put on size and strength and that appealed me based on various articles and training methods that I read about and tried previously. For example, I like the wave loading method for size and strength but I also like to feel the muscles working during the main lift, which is why I put an isolation exercise first.

Better choose a proven routine. Lots on this site.

That’s a lot of volume.

Day 1 has deadlifts, rack pulls, and DB RDL’s. That’s a lot.

Day 2 has bench, dips, incline DB press. Again, a lot. And it has split squats and leg extensions the day before you do leg curls, yet another deadlift, good mornings, hip thrusts, and rows, which comes before the day you do leg curls, more split squats, and hack squats.

It’s certainly good that you’re working your legs often. Many people work them way too little. But it sounds like you’re at least somewhat a beginner and maybe you should stick with someone else’s program until you are more advanced.

I like to recommend this:

Day 1: Squat & Bench
Day 2: Power Clean & Deadlift
Day 3: Front Squat & Overhead Press

(use the 5/3/1 progression on all of those lifts)

Add in some assistance work as needed - you can do chinups with the pressing, rows with the benching, and any extra leg, core, or arm work needed at the end. Light stuff for higher reps if you enjoy a “pump”.

What are your goals though? Strength, size, both…?

Oh, and if you enjoy doing an isloation movement first, do something like leg curls before squats, leg extensions before front squats, maybe pushups or dips before the two presses, and something easy, like a few back extensions or glute bridges before your pulls (deads & cleans). Bodyweight stuff or machine stuff will be the less likely to tire you out.

This is always SOLID.

I’ve always been a deliver in quality over quantity.

I ran that program (Letter to a young Jim Wendler). I really enjoyed it. I did the power clean and front squat on day 2 and the press and deadlift on day 3 because the power clean negatively affected my deadlift more than the front squat. But yeah I believe the assistance recommendations were something like:
day 1: dips, chins, sit ups, neck (25-50 reps of each)
day 2: incline db press, curls, back extensions, neck (same reps)
day 3: dips, dumbbell rows, ab wheel, neck (same reps).

The assistance could obviously be adjusted a little, but that’s a great program.