Feedback on Winter Diet

I am a rookie lifter trying to build muscle while keeping lean. I keep to a pretty strict workout routine, but tend to struggle with following through with a diet (I tend to skip meals sometimes)… Recently, I increased my carbohydrate intake and found that my weight is dropping slowly and I can still increase my lifts.

I struggle with the idea of “bulking” and want to stay lean throughout the year. Are my goals realistic? Does this diet support muscle growth enough? My personal stats are below to give more reference.

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 59kg

Strength lifts to Date
Squats: 50kg x 5
Deadlifts: 60kg x 5
Press: 30kg x 5

Workout Routine:
Day 1 - Strength (squats, press, deadlift, shoulder press)
Day 2 - Circuit (C1 - legs, C2 - back, C3 - chest)
Day 3 - rest
Day 4 - Volume (squats, press, RDs, rows)
Day 5 - Circuit (C1 - legs, C2 - back, C3 - chest)
Day 6/7 - rest

There is so much protein here and a bunch of it from shakes and you’re barely 60kg.

Hit 150g or so from whole food sources. You don’t need more, especially when protein is your most expensive macro.

Fill the calorie gap with carbs/fat

Add some veggies, chia seeds for fibre so you shit more than once per month

Finally, your body isn’t a calculator, do this for a week, take measures as your baseline then adjust as you see results

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try decreasing my whey intake. I suppose I get a little lazy when it comes to food prep - hence the smoothies. :frowning: