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Feedback on Tribex 500 and M

Hey guys, I need your feedback on which of these two would be the best to take for strength. I’ve read most of the testimonials and articles on Tribex 500 and M on the site, but I’d like to hear from some who’ve taken both. I can only afford one, so I need to know which one of these products yields the best results, strength-wise. I DO NOT want to gain a lot of mass, five pounds would be about the limit. Please include your dosage, cycle length, and how long it took for you to see results. Thanx.

I doubt you’ll notice any strength or size increases with M (I didn’t). As it is for estrogen blocking, not strength or mass increases. And I never noticed any strength or size increases with Tribex. And I have used many cycles of Tribex. I’ve used the old version and the new version. I’ve used 4 pills twice a day and then went to TC’s recent recommendation of 3 pills twice a day. It didn’t help with any strength gains. If you’re looking for strength gains, you’d be better off with Androsol, MAG-10 or creatine. Or maybe you should just train for strength utilizing lower reps and heavier weights.

I’m a strong proponent of only cycling in one supplement at a time. So far, other than diet :), I’ve only cycled in Tribex. I started with one pill every workout day, and I saw strength gains in areas that I’ve stalled. Honestly, I was worried that they spiked it with something. 6 weeks later, I’m taking two per workout day - not because my progress has stalled, but because I’m seeing if more helps.

I already train Westside style, but I don’t want to take something that’ll pack on a lot of mass. From what I’ve read about MAG-10, it does just that. The other problem is that I live in Canada, and up here MAG-10 is classified as a drug and is illegal to sell in stores. The reason i’m wondering about Tribex 500 is that i’m just coming off of a 4 month break where i didn’t workout at all, not even cardio. I’m thinking that my T levels are lower than normal now, and that taking the Tribex would help in elevating them, consequently improving my strength (at least until my T levels are back to what they were).

I noticed good strengh gains on Tribex but it didn’t happen overnight. It just takes your T levels to high normal and you benefit from that over time. I love Tribex, but MAG-10 would better fit your immediate needs.

Calories in vs. calories out. MAG-10 will not add on mass if you don’t increase your eating. Just eat at maintenance level calories and at most you’ll gain 1 or 2 lbs. and possibly burn some fat if you’re eating correctly.

I really can’t decide if Tribex is better (for me) than mag-10…. I put on significant size with mag-10, but I have better strength increases with tribex… to a point of Phenominal !!.. I love tribex !!.. do the typical protocol, 3 pills twice a day….i didn’t notice anything significant using tribex with and without M…… strength-wise, tribex works best for me !.. last cycle of mag-10, I was maxing 300 for one rep…6 weeks later, I’m doing 315 for 5…. But then again, I am coming back from a long lay-off, and “muscle memory” I’m sure has something to do with it…

I have only used Tribex and found it to increase both my strenth(moderately) and sex drive(big time).MAG-10 while not legal is available up here.I’m in Toronto and can get it now if I want(about $160).I don’t know where you are, but if you are in a larger center you can probably find it.I called Biotest and was told they ship it here all the time.Your risk though.

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