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Feedback on Thyroid Labs?

I would love to get some feedback on thyroid labs. Currently on TRT. Have been for a little over a year. Hcg mono to start then switched over to test/hcg. Still feel tired, moody, poor sleep quality, muscle weakness, extreme sweating in heat or times of physical/emotional stress, anxiety and mild depression. My body muscles always feel tight, joints have been extra poppy and stiff, have constant brain fog, workout 3-6 times a week but have a hard time getting motivated. Free and total T levels well within range, E2 acceptable as well. Thyroid numbers are in range but my daily average body temp has been around 97.7. The highest temp ive measured was today at 98.4. Usually im low 97s in the morning and high 97s in the afternoon. Ive used both digital and liquid thermometers with same readings. Tried iodine for a few weeks and it didnt help.

Took a 4pt saliva cortisol test and my results were in range for morning, evening, and night, but midday was a little high. Im trying to figure out if theres an issue with my thyroid.

TSH- 2.5 (.5 - 4.5)
Free T3- 3.7 (2.3 - 4.2)
Free T4- 1.4 (0.8 - 1.8)
Reverse T3- 16 (8 - 25)

@KSman or anyone with thoughts or ideas. I see my doc later this week. Wouldnt mind some thoughts or ideas before my visit. Thanks.

What is your T dose, frequency, and anastrazole dose and frequency?

Test was .25ml 3x week, hcg 500iu 3x week, ai .25mg week. Adding test and lowering hcg dropped my tt from 908 to 235 and ft from 182 to 43. E2 has been as high as 55 and as low as 12. TRT has not had any sort of affect on me, good or bad. Even at 235, im still pushing the same weight at the gym.

And i will mention that i have stopped taking test cyp because for some reason, after subQ injection, my lower abdomen hurts for 2 weeks. Hcg has no issues. I use 30ga 1/2 needles.

So RIGHT NOW you are taking HCG and anastrazole?

For what it’s worth, when I shoot cyp into my belly it burns and hurts for days too, but when I put it in my love handles, I have no issues whatsoever.

Thanks for the reply. I was scared as fuck for like 2 weeks. Thought i had a hernia, or bladder/kidney/urinary tract infection. It was just weird that it didnt burn back in the summer.

Right now just hcg. No ai. Only been taking for the past 15 days. I took a break after november labs were tanked. Main thing now is why my tsh and rt3 is elevated and how that might be affecting me.

Free and total T levels well within range isn’t very helpful, my Free T needs to be at the top of the ranges or higher or I experience symptoms of low T. Thyroid labs don’t always show a thyroid in distress…

Hcg alone kept me at 900 tt, 180 ft, 55 e2. Added ai and tested e2 at 35. Felt no different at 55, 35, or even 12.

Added test in june. Tested in august. Tt 563, ft 105, E2 25. No ai.

Test and hcg. Tested in november. Tt 235, ft 43, e2 12. Took .25mg ai per week.

Over the course, i have not felt any better or any worse. The only consistency is elevated tsh, elevated rt3. Stopped taking test in november. Restarted test at Xmas. Noticed the pain in lower abdomen. Go scared and got tired of 6 needles per week. Probably could have stuck with 4 but wanted to keep hmg, hct, e2 in check and try to keep levels extremely consistent. Saliva testing didnt throw up and red flags. Ksman swears by temps. Mine never hit 98.6. Thats my only other thought. Iodine didnt do anything. I use iodized salt on top of that.

Thanks for replies.