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Feedback on This Workout Please

I want to get back to this great workout I had offered to me a few years ago. But I have since read so many articles that you shouldn’t do deadlifts with squats, no deadlifts twice a week,etc. that I wanted some feedback on if you think it is safe to do. I don’t know if RDL’s twice a week is ok,etc. Thanks
cable pull-throughs 4 x 12 with a 2 second hold and squeeze of the abs and glutes at rep lockout
goblet squats 4 x 6 with a 2 second pause in the bottom – use Dan John as a guide on technique
during rest interval: sideways monster walks x 6 per side

Superset 2:
Weighted Hip thrusts 4 x 10 --heavy as possible with a hold at top and squeeze of abs/glutes
Stationary Reverse lunges with dumbbells 4 x 8 per leg – focus on outside of hip firing hard (same part that should be burning in monster walks.)
during rest interval: Roman chair leg raises x 8 with squeeze at top–AVOID hip flexors working. If you can’t feel your abs and you only feel hip flexors, or mostly, use a different exercise

Superset 3:
dumbbell romanian deadlift 4 x 10 heavy, focusing on glute squeeze
dumbbell step-ups 4 x 8 per leg heavy – focus on pulling yourself UP with your heel, not pushing off with your ground foot. Again glute squeeze and outside of hip focus.
during rest interval: stir the pot ab exercise

Last exercise of the day would be back extensions with glute squeeze for 3 x 12-15.

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I have no idea if it’s ok or not but I deadlift and RDL twice a weak. My RDL is sporadic at best though. I am making progress on deadlifts though and I attribute that to adding in the RDL’s and flute barbell thrust things.

Ok hope more people chime in

It’s a really open ended question. Some people do well deadlifting and squatting multiple times a week. Some people do well deadlifting and squatting once a week. Many, many people do very well indeed not squatting or deadlifting at all.

Usually, but not always, when you read an article saying you shouldn’t deadlift and squat more than once a week either it’s either a) full of shit; or b) referring to powerlifting, which means squatting with a bar on your back and deadlifting through a full range of motion off the floor.

As a very general rule, you can squat at least twice a week, ESPECIALLY if one of those times is a variation of the squat (front squats, box squats, opposite stance, different bar position, etc). Stuff like bodyweight or goblet squats don’t count. You can do them almost whenever and however much.

You can also deadlift twice a week, again if one time is a variation and significantly lighter. Something like dumbbell Romanian deadlifts don’t count because there’s no way you’re going to load them enough to have any negative impact.

The articles you read most probably refer more to whether a powerlfiter can train the squat and deadlift heavy the same week (almost never); train the squat multiple times a week and still deadlift (absolutely, but with specific guidelines); train the deadlift twice a week while squatting twice a week (possibly if you’re smart about it); and lastly train the squat and deadlift more than twice a week (outside Sheiko’s system something I’ve rarely seen done with any decent results).

Again, very little of that is going to apply to you at the moment. Reading is a great idea, but always read from the position of ‘how does this apply to me’.


I do something pretty similar to that. I think it’s OK, I like the front of leg/back of leg pairings.

Some people might not like those specific exercises but the format is workable.

How many times a week were you planning to go through that workout?

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Very true. Needed someones insight who understands how to put it into context. I do appreciate it.

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Twice a week and I might do bridges instead of hip thrusts as the set up is hard for me. Right now I can do nothing as I have a hamstring issue though right at glute insertion.