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Feedback On The Neanderthal Program?

Has anyone done the Neanderthal No More program described on this site?


Did it result in a noticable improvement in posture?

So no one has done the Neanderthal program?

That’s not a good sign. Maybe I should look up Waterbury or someone (just making sure I target those external rotators).

I believe there’s some feedback posted in parts 4 and 5 of that series…seems like everyone that tried it was happy with the results.

After I finish my current round of Waterbury’s Hammer Down: Strength, I’m going to do this program.

I did the NNM program. While I didn’t necessarily like it because it wasn’t a real muscle building program, I felt it was necessary to ensure my future progress. After I finished the program I was happy with the results. I still use portions of it periodically.