Feedback on Self Written Program

Howdy All!

Coming back from a knee injury and diving back into Weightlifting. Worked out a bastardized mix of StrongLifts 5x5 and The Pendlay beginner Program. I can only train O-Lifts 2x a week so had to have some other kind of strength on the days I can’t. Here’s the Program:

Session 1
Squat- 5x5
Barbell Row-5x5

Session 2
Front Squat-5x5
Bench Press-5x5
Sumo Deadlift-3x3

Session 3
Hang Power Clean + Front Squat-5x2+2
BTN Jerk-5x2
Squat-3x3 2x1

Session 4
Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch-5x2
Snatch Balance-5x2
Front Squat-3x3 2x1

Sessions 1 and 2 are a basic linear progression. Same with the Snatch and C&J. The Complexes are just working up to a heavy set as well as the BTN Jerks, Snatch Balances and Back/Front Squats (Basically working up to a near max triple and then a near max single). Sumo deadlifts are there mainly to help save my low back from over doing it on the pulls. Plus to help strengthen my hips and all the good stuff. I’d appreciate any feedback you guys have on the above. Appreciate it yall!

Well, she’s a doozy alright.

Your snatch and clean 10x1 is certainly a more fun way of training, but it’s moreso “testing” than training. It’s not congruent with your very taxing 5x5 lifts. It will stall long term progress if you don’t build capacity in the same 5x5 scheme. But you’ll be ok in the short run, plus… It’s more fun to do singles and tell everyone how much weight you lifted!

I would not bench the day before snatch. There is a lot of tightness in the shoulders and you will snatch like garbage. What is conversely awesome though is snatching first and bench pressing after. Your cns gets primed and shoulders loose and you can skip a lot of warmup and jump right into heavier sets…

I would squat one less day, unless you are on roads or do nothing but eat, lift, and sleep.

I see no clean pulls. You could clean pull before your sumo dead lift but keep it light, like 5 sets of 3 or even 3-3-3-2-2.

Thanks for the feed back. Just fyi the 10x1 isn’t really to a max. It more technique work than anything else. Im starting light and and going up by 5 or so pounds every week. I only plan on running this for 6-8 weeks, just until I get my technique and timing back in order. As far as the squatting and benching goes I get what you’re saying and with make adjustments. Thanks for them input!


What changes did you make and how is your program working? Any progress to share?

Would love to know the numbers from week 1 to current.

Well actually haven’t even gotten to start it. Went to the Doc and was told I have patellar tendonitis or a torn meniscus, not sure which one. That’s what military healthcare gets ya. Starting physical therapy on the 1st and hopefully find out which one it is. Could possible be a 6-12 month rehab before I can squat again. Until then just going to focus on putting on some upper body muscle and increasing my press.