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Feedback on Self Prescribed Testosterone Replacement


So heres my story. Diagnosed with testicular cancer February 2013. Had an orchiectomy followed by chemo. Never been the same since. Doctors said I would recover and everything would be ok. I began to continuously gain weight, but could never lose it. Slowly lost motivation to do anything, even the things I enjoyed. For the last two years I have been struggling with no libido, can’t lose weight, anxiety, mild sporadic depression, loss of strength, loss of muscle mass, constant fatigue and soreness. I went to my PCM in March 2015 and told him all of this. He ran a bunch of tests including LH, FSH, Total T. I never saw the results, but he told me everything was normal. So I just kept on dealing with being miserable everyday. I had been tossing around the idea of a cycle of test e, and had bought some. I was skeptical whether or not to do a cycle, so I was just holding on to it. Then this past February, I found that I could see all of my lab results online. This is what I saw.

06 March 2015
Total T - 272.6 ng/dL
Prolactin - 6.92 mg/mL
LH - 10.8 mIU/mL
FSH - 10.6 mIU/mL

Once I saw that I went back to my PCM and asked him about it. He said “It’s just barely out of range so…” and “I’m not doing anything with testosterone” I talked him into running another test. Again he only ran Total T, which came back at

09 March 2016
Total T - 259.3

Now I convinced him to refer me to an endocrinologist. I went in and talked to her and she had labs put in.

23 March 2016
Total T - 265.6 ng/dL
Free T - 6.6 ng/dL
SHBG - 16.86 mol/L
FSH - 8.3 mIU/ml
Estradiol- 15.0 pg/mL
LH 8.9 mIU/mL

Had a follow up with her last thursday, to review these results. I was fully expecting to begin a TRT regimen of test cyp injections, which we had talked about during the first appointment. Then I got there and she told me everything was fine and wouldn’t be recommending or providing TRT. So I tried to talk to her, to get her to stop just looking at numbers and listen to me. That wasn’t happening, but she did put in for another set of labs and offered to track my levels. So I said thank you and left. Went in for labs the next morning.

21 April 2016
Total T - 308.5 ng/dL
Free T - 6.92 ng/dL
LH - 9.0 mIU/mL
FSH - 9.2 mIU/mL
SHBG - 21.04 nmol/L

Having seen all of these numbers and having the Test E on hand, knowing I’m not getting a script at this time I decided I would try my own replacement/ supplementation. I injected 250mg testosterone enanthate and plan to run 200mg/week for six weeks and then get my labs done. I have anastrazole and nolvadex on hand.
Obviously this is a higher dose than some or most TRT regimens but it’s just where I started and can always adjust. I was initially going to run 125mg/week, but I kept seeing other peoples labs and results of levels close to or just over 1000 from running 200-250 mg/week. So I talked my self into starting there, knowing that was probably a little much. But we will see. My only issue so far is some pain and swelling at near the injection site. I injected into my outer left quad, using this video as a reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsYwXP8Q58E
The site is swollen, stiff, painful to the touch, warm, and splotchy red. I’m not terribly worried as I’m sure its just Tissue Irritation, but would love some input on that also. The gear I used is from Geneza which seems to be one of the more reputable UG labs. I took all precautions to clean and prep everything also.


The round spot is where I pinned. I used a ⅝ 25ga pin. From further reading, I believe that may be one issue, as well as spasing out and pushing it in a little too fast. I’m starting to feel the swelling in my upper knee. My next pin won’t be until Thursday evening, so that I can acquire some 25ga 1" pins.


Honestly, your post really pisses me off. You are a cancer patient who had a testicle removed and they won’t prescribe T for you? Your LH / FSH numbers are really high, your system is calling for more T, but your lone testicle can’t provide enough.

You should look for another doctor ASAP. This is pure horseshit.


That’s what I tried explaining to the endo, but she wouldn’t hear it, neither would my urologist. I’m not exactly in a position where I can just find another doctor right now. I will be within the next year though.


It’s beyond depressing to see what kind of people we rely on for our lives and health when I hear about docs like yours. So much effort to get through med school and they are as ignorant as this. It’s mind boggling. It’s so much obvious you need TRT and I don’t understand the stigma around it displayed by such doctors. I don’t see so much reluctance for thyroid problems for example, so why testosterone ?


That’s why I gave up on the system and am taking care of it myself as best as I can. I’ve learned so much in the last few months. I still have more to learn, but that will come. Now I’m trying to source HCG to avoid testicular atrophy and keep fertility up. I just ran fertility tests also and everything is great, so hopefully it can stay that way. For now the protocol I’m trying to go with is,
Test E 200mg/week pinned on Sunday and Wednesday.
Arimidex .25 e3d starting week 2 since my estradiol was at 15 starting.
HCG 500iu/week pinned on Saturday and Tuesday. If I can find it.


From where are you sourcing your T and ancillaries? I hope you have a legit source and not banking on UGL stuff.

Also why are you starting on 200mg/week, any particular reason?


I’m not so sure about the policy on posting sources, but I use naps. I have 4 vials of Geneza Pharmaceuticals (they’re house brand) Testosterone Enanthate and Arimidex and Nolvadex. My wife works in the medical field, so that’s where I sourced sterile syringes and needles. I wish I could find a source for Watson Test Cypionate, but the only stuff I can find locally is junk. I’ve had buddies use it and they had bad experiences. As for the 200mg/week I just kinda picked a middle ground. Following other people’s logs, I had seen 100-400 mg/week used. I know everything varies from man to man, but I was commonly seeing results of 1000ng/dL total when using around 200mg, and good free test levels. I have learned that what really matters is the free test and bio test levels, but not sure of what the optimal range is. Just one of the many things I’m still trying to learn.


I’m not trying to stay at 1000ng/dL forever, but I feel it may be easier for me to cut back after 5-6 week labs to see where I am. I would be happy to maintain around 700 total and 12-15 free, given that all of my other levels are good. From studies I’ve seen that’s just over median levels for 25-30 y/o men. Everyone’s input is more than welcome and greatly appreciated.


Typically from what i see, 100mg a week puts you quite close to 800-900 ng/dl. Your SHBG is also normal, which would make a good proportion of your Test levels in an unbound state. I doubt you need 200mg/week. The people using over 200 mg are clearly not on T only for medical reasons and have ulterior motives.


So if I drop down to 100-125 mg week would, should I still try to split into two doses? I ask because of how hard it would be to measure 50-65mg in the syringes I currently have.


I don’t see how that would be a problem. How is your T dosed? if 200 mg/ml, 0.25ml twice a week with insulin syringes is no problem. See the stickies for reference of which syringes and needles to use.


I’ve been reading through the stickies. A lot of good information there. It is dosed at 250mg/ml.


Then 125mg a week is even easier to dose. again 0.25ml per injection twice a week is easy to do.


That was my original plan, then I talked myself into 200 using the more is better argument. I’ll run 125 and see how well it works. Thanks. As far as the picture I posted from where my first injection was, does that look normal for a first time injection site.


I am not on TRT currently, I have just read a lot since I was diagnosed and have learnt loads on this forum and several studies. You can use spotinjections.com for pictorial reference on various injection sites. What I usually see and hear from people around me is that glutes is the most easiest and painless injection site which rarely gives any after pining troubles. Some people have problems pinning themselves in the glutes though but I don’t see how it is a problem. Since your wife is working in medical care, she can help you with gluteal injections too f you find it a trouble.

Hope I am of help.


I’m using 200mg/week and assure you I have no alterior motives. I’m 54 years old and am only interested in quality of life. I tried 100mg/week for 3 months with no real improvement in my symptoms. At 200mg/week I feel good, am sleeping better, libido is high, lots of morning wood.

I also take 0.5mg of Adex twice per week and 250iu of hcg E3D.

I hope to eventually lower the T dose, but one size does not fit all when it comes to hormones.


I said more than 200 mg. I am not so thick headed to not understand different dosing needs of individuals like with anything from hormones to anti bacterials and likes. I am just recommending a smaller dose to start of and adjust. There’s no obvious reason that a person would not get his T levels very close to top range with a 100-125mg a week dosing, one can adjust after his first follow up labs then. In fact, i would have to mostly start dosing at 150-200mg a week due to my deficiency being of different nature with high SHBG so i have no problem with that. My purpose is to warn from getting information from people that inject 400 mg a week and say that they’re on TRT.


My apologies…you did say over 200mg.


Here’s a couple of follow up pictures. This is where I pinned Sunday. It’s warm and hard. I’m still just hoping its tissue irritation. But my leg is killing me and I’m walking with a limp.