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Feedback On Results and Protocol

Hi all, hoping for your wisdom and experience. Recently switched from cream to SC injections. I have a feeling things can be improved keen to hear your thoughts!

Sunday Wednesday- 50mg Test E Subs
Monday Thursday- 350iu HCG
Every morning- 15MCG T3 (got crazy high RT3)

I’ve attached my latest T results, still waiting on e2 via LCMS but don’t feel any sides. Blood test was taken on Wednesday Am pr

ior to my T injection…

I’m also assuming being able to raise my SHBG a bit to mid range would be beneficial but got no clue how :joy:

As far as raising SHBG, not likely as SHBG usually decreases on TRT. You’ll have to play your cards where they land. My SHBG was near midrange pre-TRT, now it likes to hover in the low 20’s. My insulin resistance and extra body fat is suppressing SHBG, so if either of these is suppressing your SHBG and you fix these issues, you may be able to see an increase in SHBG.

Your Free T looks healthy high normal. Twice weekly injections is fine for most and while you may feel good, you may feel much better injecting EOD do to how the esters cleave in the bloodstream.

When I was injecting every 3.5 days estrogen was higher than it is now injecting smaller doses EOD, my Free T levels at trough are higher than they were on a 3.5 days dosing schedule. I’m not saying you must switch to an EOD protocol, I’m saying it’s something you may want to consider if you don’t feel your best on your current protocol and don’t get resolution of all symptoms.

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Thanks for your input,
Yup still trying to work on the insulin front, I still believe I’m somewhat insulin resistant as I can stack on fat so easy with carbs… Being on a ketoish diet has brought my insulin down a fair bit though, but still having issues with Chol etc… I’m carrying a bit extra but not to much, last Inbody scan I was at 17% BF and visceral fat is at a fairly low level…

I’m feeling a lot better on injections, felt as if I was on a roller coaster with the compounded cream! even though my levels where triple what they are now.

Still slowly trying to sort things out, my RT3 is still sky high and IGF1 is on the bottom range, was taking Ipam/CJC but seems to have stopped working :sob::sob::sob:

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I’m experimenting with every 5 days now, and I’m really liking what I’m seeing. In contrast to once weekly, and once every 3.5 days, this one seems to be by far the best for me personally. Morningwood came back almost immediately. On 3.5 days it was gone and out of seven days it wasn’t much there

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interesting! would love 2 know the physiology behind that!

So what cream was this and where are you dosing.

Reverse T3 slams on the brakes metabolically and causes Free T3 to pool as both Free T3 and Reverse T3 compete for the same receptors and this would decrease SHBG since Free T3 speeds up the liver’s production of SHBG.

You have 3 different factors suppressing SHBG, insulin resistance, being overweight and high Reverse T3. Ipamorelin did nothing for me and my doctors believes it’s do to insulin resistance. The correct treatment for high Reverse T3 is T3 only treatment if unable to lower it <15 ng/dL naturally, T4 treatment in those with conversion problems will only see higher Reverse T3.

My SHBG has gone up slightly from 16->22 when making lifestyle changes and injecting smaller doses every 2 days versus moderate doses twice weekly. Large doses is the protocol best for high SHBG men, those large peaks lowers SHBG more effectively. You want the opposite and probably why SQ was recommended do to it’s more steady, slower release into the bloodstream.

You more than likely would do very well on more frequent injections, most low SHBG men do.

played around with a lot of different strengths etc…
but last was doing 0.5ml Am/Pm of 100mg/ml

Yup I’m on 15mcg T3 each morning atm, it’s brought it down a little bit but not much, but it’s also the only thing that’s helped me drop weight. I can be in a fairly large calorie deficit and no weight comes off!
But I’ve also read long term diet etc can cause it, so I don’t know if it was the chicken or the egg in this situation…

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@theninja just bumping your thread. :slight_smile:

Are you still seeing the doctor at the Glenferrie Road clinic? How’s it going with him?

I was thinking about dropping by next week to see what they’re offering.

He’s a prick if you question him, but they run the most comprehensive bloods you can ask for and willing to script what you need…

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Thanks @theninja!

When you said that your levels were three times what they are now on the cream, were you actually around 60 nmol/L? That seems a bit high…

Yup my DHT was also scary high, 10.5! now back down to 1.5 :grinning:
on Cream

On injections 3 days post 50mg SC injection

If you’d kept that up, your accent would have become Austrian! :smiley:

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Dude your cream must of been very different than what i was taking. What was the makeup. I know we talked about this before and why you switched. Totally understand, but curious why you weren’t able to hit the same Levels.

My cream is compounddd and says 200mg/gm testosterone. 4 clicks = 200mg so 1 click was 50.

I think maybe I just absorb through the skin and convert like crazy :joy:

Was on 50mg AM/PM

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Well that’s why I’m on 150. You’ll get low numbers on 50 :slight_smile:

My numbers weren’t low… they where crazy high!

:rofl: ok I’m lost sorry. Must of been confused as I read the comments and labs.