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Feedback on protien my protein intake.

I’m familiar with the 1-2 grams of prot. per .lb of body weight. I weigh approx. 162 .lbs. So I do my best to consume 162-300+ grams of prot. a day.

My ?'s are:
How much is too much in one sitting?
How often is too often? Lately I’ve been trying to have a prot. shake every 2-2.5 hrs. Is this too much too often? There are only about 35g. of prot. in one shake.

I’m on phase III of Great Guns, and realy want to build as much as I can. That’s why I’m crazy about protein right now.

How much and how often?

Sounds like you’re on the right track. Supposedly, spacing out your protein intake throughout the day (30-40grams a shot) is the way to go to keep amino acid levels in the bloodstream up and ready for use. If I were you I would also take in about 40 grams of pure whey protein or Advanced Protein right before bed.

There’s no known limit to how much protein you can take in one sitting, all numbers that are thrown around are just pure speculation.

Like maclar said, you should try to space your protein meals every 3 hours or so to keep an elevated blood stream aminoacid profile.

There’s also the theory of protein pulse feeding, which some sqay works quite well, but I never tried it.