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Feedback on PPL Program?


Push day 1.
Bench press 4x6-8
Overhead press 3x6-8
Incline bench press 3x8-10
Flat DB fly 3x12
Side raise 3x15
DB overhead tricep 3x10
Push Down 3x15

Pull day 2
DB row 4x8-10
Weighted Pull up 4x6-8
Seated cable row 3x10
Cable pullover 3x12
DB Hammer curl 3x10
Preacher curl 3x10-12
Face pull 3x15

Legs day 3.
Sumo deadlift 5x3-5
Front squat 3x6-8
Hamstring curl 3x12
Lunges 2x10/per leg
Standing calf raise 4x15

Push day 5.
Incline DB bench 3x8-10
Flat DB bench 4x8-10
Side raise 5x15
Skull crusher 3x12
Push Down 3x12-15
cable crossover 3x15-20

Pull day 6.
Pull ups 4x10-12
Barbell row 4x6-8
Close grip pull Down 3x10-12
Tbar row 3x10
Dumbell curl 3x8-12
Concentration curl 3x10-12
Farmer Walk 3xgym length

Legs day 7
Barbell squat 5x3-5
Stiff legg DL 3x8-10
Leg extension 2x20
Leg press 3x15
Seated calf raise 4x15


Bump bump bump bump bump


What are your goals strength and body wise?Any weak parts?Injuries?


looks fine. It's a fucking ton of work to do over the course of the week but if you handle it then go nuts


mostly just bodybuilding and getting bigger and let strength come with it no injuries and not really any lagging muscle groups atm


It looks very nice then.You hit everything equally.The only thing I'd change is on stuff like facepulls,where you have a set number of sets and reps,I'd change it from workout to workout.Like 3x15 on the first week,3,12 on the second,3x20 on the 3rd ect


thanks guys ill use the facepull reps


Looks fine to me and is pretty much how I train now.
Exercises can sub in and out at different times and reps can very as well.
Rest days can be after either 2 days on or 3 days on depending on how you feel. Or some guys like to have a rest day after legs as that is the most CNS taxing.
It's a good split.

Edit: One thing I do differently is I go Pull / Push/ Legs.
The reason is I don't want my back to be a weakness on Leg day. For example doing Bent Over Rows the day before Squat / Deadlift variations could be an issue with the lower back.

Chest/Back,Legs,Shoulders/Arms Split