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Feedback On My Workout

Thanks to all for you valuable input on my workouts so far. I have only been back in the gym for a little but and I’m feeling so much better all ready (out side of a little soreness). So after much reading here and some mags I got I have come up with a work out that will keep me going for a bit.

Tuesday: Bench
Flat Bench dumbbell Press
Incline Barbell Press
Decline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Flies

Wednesday: Back
T-Bar Row
Back Extension
Neutral Grip Lat Pull Down
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

Thursday: Legs / Shoulders
Leg Press
Hack Squat
Calf Raises

Seated Overhead Press
Front Cable Raises

I know I don’t have leg extensions in there but a few years ago I had a really bad knee injury and I didn’t have insurance at the time so I never had surgery to fix it. When I try to do leg extensions my left leg shakes violently = (

I do however have 2 questions. First is it ok to train abs every day? I’ve read some people on the site do so every day, some only once a week. I really do think I need to build strength in my mid section so I to start off I got a routine from Muscle and Fitness.

Seated knee-ups
Cross Crunches
Leg Lifts

I am going to try the Takatas for my fat loss once a week, and keep my old fashion cardio in there maybe 2 times a week for heart reasons.

Any input on my work out, maybe some tweaks?

Thanks so much every one for all your advice so far.


Ditch the mags and this routine.

Read this: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=640350

Pick a routine from there and pour some sweat on it for a month or two.


Your workout sucks. Definitely do something posted on here, as mentioned above.

Stuff from CT, Joe DeFranco, CW and Charles Staley would all be good choices.

There are some major flaws in your routine…
why would you train tue/wed/thur? You should leave som rest in between training days to make you recover.

You don’t mention sets and reps

what are your goals?
You have no chins or dips in your program, so I’m assuming you are a bit on the heavy side OR you haven’t built up a base level of strength yet. With 4 different bench excercises on one day, I imagine you’ll run out of energy halfway through and the rest will be junk reps.

Your “back day” has one horizontal pulling movement, your pushing day has 4 on the same plane, this is a major imbalance. Also, you should put some deadlifts in your program. And not the day before your squat day.

After squats, leg presses and hack squats, I think your shoulder workout will suck, especially after two days of indirect delt work.

Basically, this program won’t get you far. I’m look into Chad Waterbury’s programs if I were you. There are plenty to choose from, they are mostly full body splits and they work and they don’t need major modifications so you could just print one out and go with it.

The other guys who have answered so far have given you the right advice. Don’t do that workout you posted, it won’t work. Follow the link given by the first guy and read all the information and then follow it, no need to make any changes at all because the programs work!

Also, they are called “Tabatas”, not “Takatas”! Be very careful about doing them each week, they are very stressful on the system and it may be better to do them once every fortnight instead, they are still intense enough to produce results at that frequency. Mix up your cardio between these, sprints/interval training and some long/slow distance. If you do too much long distance stuff you won’t get the results you want from the weight training.