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Feedback On My Training

Maybe someone could throw me some bones on the way my training is going. I am currently trying to stay in a football type strength zone however mix a little bodybuilding and powerlifting in. I am also training for mma so most of my heart work/cardio comes from fight training. My lifts have gone down since last year I tore my pec benching 455 now I struggle with 365 and that is not a consistant max at all sometimes I can barely hit 345. Squats have gone down as well I was squating 455 for 10, 485 for 8, 510 for 6. now I stuggle weekly for 405-455 for 5’s. I eat great amounts of protien and decent carbs I am trying to change the most obvious things like sleep and food yet I still lack in the workout department. I would be willing to try something out of this world I have been training in the norm for 8 yrs now and a change would be nice.

First of all you’re very strong. It sounds like you’re overtraining if your lifts are decreasing. Try taking a week off. Also try maybe going to a higher rep scheme every once in a while and not always going low rep.

Or you could try posting your current workout template for better help.

I second what he said ^

Yeah sounds like overtraining to me too. Just reduce the volume of weights, or pull back on your mma training.