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Feedback on My Supplements


Currently i am taking 3 supplements
5g nitric oxide and 5 g creatine before a workout
5g creatine and protein shake after a workout

i am 17, 6 foot 3, 225, my BF% is 15%, i work out 6 days a week, i play allot of hockey i am on ice 3-5 days a week

i have seen good results from the creatine, and the nitric oxide gives me a really good boost and energy levels during a workout allowing me to lift more and focus more.

if u could give me some feedback on these supplements or any others that would help.


So you want us to go search around for other posts you've made to get information on your background?

How about instead of people on this forum doing work, you use the search function and learn all you want about supplement recommendations. The general sense is that creatine is great, ZMA and a few other mineral/vitamin supps are worthwhile, and the rest of the stuff that's not produced by Biotest is crap.


Jesus, are you making progress or not? If it's working for you KEEP DOING IT. And what T3C said.


You don't need 10g of creatine per day. Take 3g before or after training. You piss out anything more than 2.5-3g after you're loaded up on it.

Read the ingredients of the NO supplement carefully. Bet it contains caffeine and probably some sugar. Some don't, but most do. The caffeine and insulin (in response to the sugar) are what gives you the most boost. The l-arginine itself is generally worthless unless your diet is deficient in it in the first place.


There are a lot of other great supplement companies too.


These 3 of the most basic supplements, and most widely used (protein and creatine definitely being at the top of any list) so its difficult to criticize a stack that consists of this. Its only a foundation. Unless you have questions about adding other supps (a multi and some fish oil wouldnt hurt) then i would say you need to concentrate more on the quality of what you are taking for any particular brand.


k thanks for the feedback, yeah if there is any other supplements u think to add on that would help sure give me some ideas


thanks for the feedback, yeah if there is anything else that u think would help sure tell me about it


I hear good things about fish oil


This is all true.

Kid, forget focusing on the supplements. Creatine, fish oil, and some protein powder - But at your age (at any age really) you need to focus on getting STRONG and EATING right to gain weight. Thats it. You dont need to hit the NOS before and after you work out, you dont need Muscle Exploder 50000... You need to eat right and train to get strong over and over and over and over and over again for the next 10 years.

Forget the supps, focus on the food and weights.


thanks for the feedback