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Feedback on my Stats?


6 foot tall
192 lbs
bf% 7.3
Bench: 125lb dumbbells
Bench: 414lb barbell
Leg Press: 1705lb sled
Curls: 165: standing w/bar
175: seated preacher w/bar
Tri's: 150lb seated overhead press w/dumbell

I am currently limited to increase my weight due to maxing out the Air Force gym on base and the lack of gyms around the area.


So um, what's the question exactly?


Whats your deadlift?
Whats your squat?
whats kind of feed back do you want?

You wanna know if they are good lifts?
you wanna know if we think your strong?

We kinda need a bit more info really.

Your body fat % is awsome, but thats about all I can give without any more info



At 6' don't know what kind of a look your going for. Lifts don't matter too much in bodybuilding.




If OP's avatar = him = lifts performed, I will be that douchebag and call BS right off the bat. Sorry, but that's all this thread is about is ego stroking.

Congrats if you're not lying, you're very strong but look like a rail, is that what you're training for?




ZOMG!!!! A 414 bench! A 1705 leg press! You must be the strongest person alive!!!!!!!


the only stat that matters is "pussy fucked"


Stop disgracing my state dammit.


also can you dance?


414 bench? Riiiiiight. You won't find another 400+ bencher on this site close to as thin as you are.




If you cant "Do it like Bernie" after a PR, you aint shit.


You gotta do it DURING a PR attempt


414? Seriously you couldnt of made up a 415 bench? That actually would be more believeable I dont even know how to load a bar with 414lbs. I dont really care what you lift though it doesnt affect me in any way.


No triceps kickback stat?


If the plate measurements are in kilos it could convert to 414 lbs.


lol at these stats...how much u spider curl bro ?