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Feedback on My Squat Form

Whats up guys!

Been a lurker here for a couple years, Finally got a camera and wanted some Feedback on my squat form, i did some tweaking on my squat form, i have Knee pain a day after squats and some in the lower back when i go for high reps during the set, I adjusted my form to try and squat with my ass out first and trying to keep my knees further back it did help with the knee pain, This is a video of my max performed last week. Any help on my form would be great!

Too much weight and not deep enough. Try working on flexibility… Defranco had a good warmup in a recent article - so far it has helped me out as far as getting ready to squat without pain. Search the archives for stuff on hip, knee, and ankle mobility.

It would seem to me that with a higher bar position, you would not lean forward so much. Just my way of doing things, not sure if it’s the “right way”.

You’re high, you’re not sitting back much at all and your knees are coming forward quite a bit.

From what I can see, form doesn’t look too bad…but you are not going nearly far enough down. Half reps=half results. Take some weight off and work on getting down. Somebody posted a good video of Dan John teaching how to get down…it was a seminar of sorts. Can’t find it off hand though

Thanks for the input guys, Flexibility is not my strong point haha. Some mornings i cant even touch my knees because of stiffness in my back, I will definitley work on flexibility. Right now for it im stretching and putting the bar under the power rack pins and pulling up for a stretch, gradually moving the pin down a notch as my flexibility improves. Also foam rolling the SH&T out of my back and legs.

A couple questions when im lowering down if i stick my ass out, i feel my upper body must bow down, is it ok if it does as long as it doesnt round? and was my lower back rounding at all in the video? im not sure how to gauge it. For my flexibility do you guys think adding lunges in my routine would help to loosen and strengthen the area? i was thinking of doing a couple sets on leg day with dumbbells? I will post another video in a couple days trying to go lower and sitting back further with less weight.

I end up foldedover quite a bit when I squat “bowing down” as you put it. Just make sure you keep your back arched hard and your head up. It really depends on your leverages, I have never been able to squat really upright…

you’re lower back looked fine, but like everyone else said lighter weight and go lower. If your leaning forwards a lot you probably have weak hamstrings, so your back is taking over and doing most of the work. when you film your next video of you going lower try to film it from the back right or back left it’s usually a little easier to critique then.