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Feedback on my Routine

Monday- Bench Back Bicep
Tuesday -Squat w/ light deadlift Shoulders
Thurs - Bench ‘Pause Press’ Board Press Weighted Dips
Friday - Deadlift w/light squats

Following the 531 program with the main compound lifts. The others are bodybuilding reps and sets


  1. Small and easy frequency of individual exercises,
  2. deadlift and squats in one day are bad for lower back,
  3. board press is usually not recommended for a raw lifters (maximum only one board).

Exist better and more sophisticated training periodizations.

Which is why powerlifting meets are always spread over 2-3 days.

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It sounds OK based on what you have here. I wouldn’t do “shoulders” after squatting in an upper/lower program though. It sounds like you could do more pressing on Monday if all you have is a bit of benching.

On my normal bench day, I’ll follow up with an auxiliary lift such as incline barbell or flat DBs. Usually for 10-12 rep ranges for a few sets

Also, I’m using light deadlift on my squat days and a light squat on my deadlifting days as an assistance lift to them. I feel fine as long as the reps are at a percentage of around 65-70% 1rpm. Usually 3x5.

If you haven’t been training long or need to build muscle because your bodyweight is light or you’re just weak, I’d just stick with what 531 tells you to do.

If you have been training for a while, I’d only do variations like board presses for assistance. If you’re gonna do light squat, do them paused at the bottom and pause the light deads just below the knee. I would not recommend shoulders on a lower day.

Lower days do your main lift and then something for hamstrings/low back then mid back and then upper back. Upper days do the delts, triceps, biceps. This is better for recovery.