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Feedback on My Routine?

UPDATE: I abbreviated this post to be less confusing.

I’m 37 and my body suffers from decades of neglect. I started with Starting Strength routine and then modified it to include more upper body exercises. Also because I feel fatigued most of the time I separated the leg workouts so that I don’t have to do 3 difficult exercises in one day.

Monday: Bench press 3x5, Barbell roow 4x10
Tuesday: Squats 3x5
Wednesday: Overhead press 3x5, Barbell row 4x10
Thursday: Deadliftst
Friday: This is the “potpourri” day and I choose from weight plate rows, lateral raises, power clean, butterflies and dumbbell bench press or dumbbell overhead press.
Saturdays: Squats (optional)
Sundays: rest

I also do pushups and 30 minutes of cardio (spin bike) 5 days a week.

My weakest points are my shoulders (basically skin and bones) and abs. I “devised” an ab routine of barbell rollouts, knee tucks (lying or sitting slanted on bench) and sit ups but need to be more consistent with it.

I dont understand this notation?

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I think it’s the number of times he’s going to perform that exercise with that set/rep scheme each week

Yes. I don’t understand how to evaluate without seeing how 2 days per week, for example, is spread across the week.

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Yeah, that’s a good point.

If OP is planning on doing 2 days on and 5 days off, he may want to reevaluate how he spreads his weight training. 2 on 5 off doesn’t seem like the best plan for lifting weights

What is spin or spinning?

Riding a stationary bike.

Bike is built solid though, and emulates the real thing, with toe clips and everything.

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Thanks for all your comments!