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Feedback on My Routine


So I melted and mashed some things together, and I'm interested on some opinions. I'd like to think I know a fair bit about lifting, but there's always someone who knows more, so feel free to say whatever needs to be said.

I'm not training for anything in particular, although I have been building mileage for Marathons, and ultimatley, Bsdwater Ultramarathon. The lifting is just something I love to do.

Anyway, here's what a week looks like...

Monday: Squats
1. Squats(10x10), Ramping 10Lbs every 2 sets
A. Wide Stance(4x10)
B. Narrow Stance(3x10)
C. Normal Stance(3x10)
If I finish, I go for sets of 2, adding 5Lbs until failure, and working out what I start from next week off of that new 2 rep max.

Then I usually bounce around with 2-3 other assistance exercises, 4-6 sets of 8-15 reps.

Tuesday: Bench Press
1. Bench Press(10x10), Ramping 5Lbs every 2 sets
A. Incline(4x10)
B. Flat(3x10)
C. Decline(3x10)
Same as before, if I finish, then sets of 2 until failure, with some assistance movements

Wednesday: Deadlifts(RDL)
1. RDL(10x10), Ramping 10Lbs every 2 sets
A. RDL from Platform(4x5)
B. Hanging RDL(3x5)
C. RDL from floor(or standard Deadlift) (3x10)
Same as before, you get the pattern, assistance for hammies

Friday: Pullups/Rows(haven't decided what core movement will be)
1. Pullup/Row
A. Wide Pullup/Wide Rows(4x10)
B. Medium Pullup/Row(3x10)
C. Narrow Pullup/Underhand Row(3x10)
Same, with assistance movements

Saturday: OH Press and Arm assistance
1. OH Press(10x10), ramping 5Lbs every 2 sets
A. Wide Grip(4x10)
B. Behind Head Press(3x10)
C. Normal Grip (3x10)
Same, with assistance

Just looking for advice, feedback, anything. What this might be best for?(i.e. strength, size, etc.), how I should adjust assistance(its usually 2-4 movements, with around 15 sets of total volume for assistance movements.)

I'm 5'7-5'8, around 150lbs. Squat 260x6, Deadlift 300x3, Those are the only 2 up to date solid maxs. Thanks guys.


I think you need to decrease your volume 20 sets of 10 reps is a brutal scheme....I'm not sure what your goals are but if you plan on running with this routine in my honest opinion it looks like a lot of overtraining and you will do more harm than good....Just my opinion good luck with your training


You should design a program based around your goals, not the other way around. Either way, this isn't a conditioning program. It looks like a bodybuilding hypertrophy workout.


Thanks, I was thinking about that, maybe just leaving the Core movement(Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Pullup/Row, OH Press). It's more to keep total body fitness than anything else. I ran track all through HS and the biggest issue most of the guys I ran with had was that they just deteriorated into nothing, like rail thin, even 800m guys. I just feel like having some mass is a good idea.


The lifts you chose are all good solid movements (compound freeweight exercises), but consider two things:

1) Combining two or three lifts on one day and eliminating the variations. For instance, do squats, bench, and pullups on one day, 5 sets of 5. And then RDL, overhead press, and rows on the next work day, 5 sets of 5.

2) Keeping the one lift per day template, but again, just choose one movement, and then add some conditioning work afterwards. For instance, day one might look like low bar back squats, 5x5, followed by a burpee pullup circuit.

Just some things to consider.


Thanks, I like the burpee circuit. Before I was lifting the compound movements seriously I did some form of circuit training all the time. Wasn't like that, I was a bit more reckless, so it became every other day like a full body circuit, similar to a Gym Jones or a Crossfit workout.

I stopped 2-3 months ago to try and get a bit stronger, but I still throw it in every once in a while. So what do you think of 3-4 days of compound lifting (combining movements like oyu suggested), then maybe 1 day or 2 days a week some form of circuits for full body?