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Feedback on my routine please


It gets mixed around a lot because of my work schedule. I only workout on my off days.

Pull Day:

(1) Regular dead lifts

(2) Wide grip pull ups OR lat cable pull down

(3) Barbell wide grip rows OR barbell close grip rows

Push Day:

(1) Hang cleans and jerks

(2) Barbell shoulder press

(3) Flat bench

(4) Explosive medicine ball push ups

(5) Barbell shrugs

Leg Day:

(1) Front squats

(2) Romanian dead lifts

(3) Barbell lunges

(4) Standing calf raises OR seated calf raises


Whats the goal??


strength and gain size


why did you choose that program rather than a more established one with proven results? Why isnt there any direct arm work in your program? (if you're a beginner you dont need a whole "arm day" by itself but neglecting your arms isnt a good idea)


Hams need love to :smiley:


I have gained 10 pounds sense I started this routine and I feel like arms are worked enough with the push and pull days but I don't know, I have been debating on doing skull crushers after my push day and a barbell curl after my pull days.


What do you suggest I should put into my routine for hamstrings cause I was thinking the same thing.


I think push and pull workouts are difficult to put together properly. Even the deadlift is debated as to whether or not it's a push or pull(yes, you do seem to be pulling with the traps and back, but it's essentially the back staying as rigid as possible while the legs press away from the floor). But aside from that, heavy Romanian Deadlifts helped me a lot with ham thickness and you'll definitely feel them in the lunges you do after.


Thanks Bmacres, I'm going to go ahead and do those after my front squats today. Are romanian deadlifts the same as straight leg deadlifts?


Go for it. They certainly won't hurt.


Aright sounds good.
I have been eating like a rampage lately. Is it bad to be gaining about two pounds a day? I feel like I'm gaining too quickly but damn feels good, getting stronger as well. Its all heathly food too and I don't take creatine or anything just a scope of 100% whey right after workouts.


How do you know you are gaining two pounds/day? Did you gain two lbs today? Or have you gained an average of two lbs/day over the past few weeks? These are very different. The former would be expected from daily fluctuations. The latter is a different story that needs addressing.


A much more correct Chest/Back/Legs Routine.

Incline Bench Press 5 X 10
Bench Press 5 X 10
Dumbbell Flyes 5 X 10
Rear Lateral Raises 5 X 10
Side Laterals 5 X 10
Barbell Press 5 X 10
Barbell Shrugs 5 X 10
Dips 5 X 10
Kickbacks 5 X 10

Wide Grip Pull-Ups 5 X 10
BTN Pull-Ups 5 X 10
Barbell Rows 5 X 10
Reverse Grip Barbell Rows 5 X 10
Standing Dumbbell Curls 5 X 10
Concentration Curl 5 X 10
Heavy Grip 5 X 10
Forearm Curl 5 X 10
Reverse Forearm Curl 5 X 10

Squat 5 X 20
Lunge 5 X 10
Leg Extensions 5 X 20
Leg Curls 5 X 15
Good Morning 5 X 10
WarHorse Kicks 5 X 20
Leg Flyes 5 X 20
Alternating Calf Raise 5 X 20

10 mins ab rotation before every workout.


you have gained 10pounds and are still gaining on this routine, why change it before it stops working.


Romainian deadlifts allow a slight bend in the knees towards the bottom. Keep the legs straight until the bar passes the knees and then allow a slight bend until you feel a good stretch in the hams and glutes(for me this is about mid-shin, but I have long legs). Use the hams and glutes to bring yourself back to the top and squeeze them hard in the top position. I usually use heavier loads on these (about 6-8 reps) but higher repetitions should work well, too.


The past week I have been gaining ABOUT 2 pounds per day. Its hard to say because I only step on the scale in the gym and I only workout 3 OR 2 days out of the week. Its a rough estimate, a very rough estimate.

Within those three days of working out I would weight in right before workouts and it was close to the same hour everyday and I was going up ABOUT 2 pounds per day.


I'm more into Oly Lifting and Power Lifting. I am trying to gain mainly strength and some mass.


Agreed, but I just wanted to know if its a well rounded routine. Should I add anything else in because it is broad but gets the main lifts.


Do you only workout 3 days/week? If so, I suggest a small tweak by taking off the leg day and replace it with a push/pull day. Next is to add an extra leg exercise on your push day(squat,bulgarian split squat, lunges, barbell thruster..) and pull day (deadlift, glute ham raise, good morning..). By doing this, you get to have an extra day for upper body without compromising your lowerbody exercise.


well you have all the basics + some other stuff( medicin ball push ups etc )
maybe add in a big tricep movement like close-grip bench or dips and some rear delt work like facepulls or something similar, but dont change something that work up to much.