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Feedback on My Plan

Hey Guys,

Well this is it, finally getting on here and posting for the first time. I have been lifting for a solid eight years. In that eight years i have gone from 115 to 195 lbs. I currently bench 285, squat 385 and pull 485. I have been running 5/3/1 for the past 14 months and i wanted to get some feed back from this forum. My goals are to pull 500lbs by july 4 and of course keep on putting mass on. I am damn close, in the mean while i have been inc. Oly lifts as assiatance work please tell me what you all think of this program.

Day 1 Bench
5/3/1 sets Flat Bench
Assistance 4x10 Close grip Bench SS with BW Pull ups
Assistance 4x10 Weighted Dips ss with DB rows
Assistance 2:00 mins countious abs/ (I am in the Army and am required to do a pt 2 a year)

Day 2 Squat
Power Cleans 6x3
Squat 5/3/1 Sets wide stance
Stiff leg DL 5x10
Calf Raise 5x10 ss with Farmers walk

Day 3 Off

Day 4

Deadlift 5/3/1 sets
Pull-ups 50 reps
DB rows 4x10
Kroc row 1x fl
Low row 4x10
Barbell curl 4x10 ss with Hammer curl 4x10

Day 5

Over head press 5/3/1 sets
Snatch 6x3
Overhead DB press neutral grip 4x10
BB shrugs 4x10
Skull crushers 4x10 SS BB shrugs

Day 6


Day 7

Week 1, .5 mile run
Week 2, 1 mile run
Wekk 3, Off
Week 4, 2 mile run

I hate running but, like i said i have to take a PT test for the Army and its a parishable skill.

On the Diet site i consume about 5000 cal a day with aroun 250-300 g of protein. Most of which comes from whole food.

Supps: multi,Whey, cheapest pre-workout i can find

Thanks for the feedback

Looks good to me. A few thoughts:

  1. Switch Day 4 and Day 5. Or do some order that has at least 3 days between squat and deadlift. Don’t want to be deadlifting and squatting within 2 days of each other, especially when you get later in the cycle on those 3RM and 1RM weeks.

  2. I like the layout of the assistance exercises. But I’d definitely change it up every couple weeks. Hit the same type of movements, just find similar but different exercises (illegal wides or incline BP in place of CG BP, good mornings in place of stiff legged DLs, etc.). Better coordination, avoid accommodation etc.

  3. Very interested in how you find it with incorporating some olympic lifts as assistance work. No experience with it myself and haven’t read much about doing it this way, so curious what others think about that aspect. I like the idea of trying to incorporate it in my Westside styled workout as well, either as assistance or in place of DE some weeks. Definitely let us know how you like it after running this awhile.

115 to 195 in 8 years is badass. Were you young and still growing when you started?

Good luck man. I feel you on the running – Thanks for your service and sacrifice though!


Thats a great point man, especially if i am going to be going to 1 on the deadlift and squat. I am going to switch those days around. Yeah i usually run with my assistance work for about 3 cycles i try and focus on one weakness per body part and try to smash it for a few cycles before moving and changing my exercises.

As far as the Olympic assistance exercises i have used them for the past two cycles (2 months) and have found that as long as i do not overdue the intensity i am able to recover quite nicely. I have noticed a HUGE increase in just over physical well being, usually when i am hitting my core lifts (Bench,dead,squat and OHP) it takes we a while to get warmed up. Since inc the Oly lifts its like i dont need as much warm up work. I also have been progessing quite nice on the squat and deadlift since putting these in. I can probably attribute this to the increase in medium intensity volume on the Power cleans and Snatch’s.

Yeah man i was 20 when i joined and i was still growing for sure but my gene’s are real shity, my dad is 5’7 maybe 150-160 small joints. I got tired of getting ass kicked in combatives and i wanted to bulk up. I but the majority of my mass on during my 2 deployments to Iraq. There is nothing to do and i would make year long programs and eat like a freak. My last deployment we had a 24 hour dinning facility so it was very easy to consume copious amounts of protein. Very easy life over there, fight, eat, sleep, lift. No cell phones, no electronics, no drama. Alot of time to think and experiment on different ideas and programs.

thanks for the reply brother gratly appreciate it