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Feedback on my Plan?


Hey gents,

I really respect the opinions and knowledge on these boards, so I would really
appreciate some feedback on my plan.

Been lurking here, being a giant pansy and overplanning every aspect so I could (subconsciously) put off the hard work. So, without further ado, here's my plan.

Me: 6'7", 275. Ex College Basketball player, now lazy slob

Focus: Immediate fat loss, to regulate blood pressure. Had my heart extensively checked recently based on a BP scare, heart very healthy, fat levels not so.

** Note that I take Adderall XR, so no vasodilators or HOT-ROX **


Calorie Target is 2450 - 2500 calories (.8 * DEE). Only whole foods and supps (based on Nutrition for noobies)

6 meals a day, Leucine peri-workout, BCAA pre and post, 2 shakes a day, Flameout.

Cardio (sort of):

45mins - 1hr of cardio at 120 bpm in fasted state, 6 days a week


Note that I don't include Set/Rep info. This is because I'm clueless here. I'm aiming for fat loss, but the cardio should do that. I'm more worried about functional fitness (ie: I can't do a goddamn pull-up). Any help here would be great.

Day A - Back and Biceps (calves and abs)

Lat Pulldown (alternating grip width)
Chest-Supported Row (alternating grip)
Back Extensions

Barbell Curl (might be EZ bar, wrist strain)
Preacher Curl
Dumbbell Curl - normal grip, reverse grip, hammer grip

Day B - Chest and Triceps

Superset: Dumbbell Press / Dumbbell Fly
Incline DB Press
Cable Fly - alternating height to hit upper/lower/mid pecs
(dropsets to fatigue)

Cable pressdown (dropset to fatigue)

Day C - Thighs

Smith Rack Squats (no partner)
Straight-leg Deadlift
Leg Press
Leg Curl

Cable Adductor
Cable Abductor

Day D - Shoulders, Calves, Abs

Military Press
Seated Calf raise
Upright Row
Standing Calf raise (alternate footing to hit different heads)
Face Crushers (on pulldown machine)

Lying leg raise / Hanging leg raise (when I get stronger)

Superset: vertical pallof / lateral pallof
exercise ball jacknife

I know this was an insanely long post, but I just wanna figure out if this is a decent start and get fucking started. I'm sick of thinking about this shit.

Thanks for any help,


I see you are a tall fat guy like myself. I will point you to a few articles that I have read that have helped me.

The FFB handbook:

How Tall Guys Get Jacked

Destroying Fat

The destroying fat program worked really well for me. I have also read about 'german body composition' which you might want to look into.

Don't overanalyze too much. Most of the information on this site is for skinny people trying to get big and a lot of them are short. The rules change a little bit for us fatter taller guys.


Beastly, sir. Just beastly. Thanks for those links! Any thoughts on my split?


I would just follow CT's destroying fat program to the letter if you want to lose fat. That's what worked for me. When was the last time you trained with weights?


I trained with weights under the 'expert tutelage' of a teacher (phys ed college class) who said that I needed to bulk, as he didn't think I was more than 10 or 15 pounds overweight.

I gained weight and broke some PRs. That was from August to January.


6'7" 275 doesn't sound all that slovenly to me....how much weight are you looking to drop?


your back training is really boring and ineffective, do BBrows and negative-only pullups till you can do proper ones. Learn to squat, front and back, you dont need a spotter


When I was playing ball in college I was at 245. I want to get rid of my fat and get back down to that (or whatever number sub-13% BF comes out to) and then start building.

Honestly, most people (including trainers) that I talk to think that I'm 10-15 lbs overweight. I know that I hide it pretty well.

Would pics help?


So, are your goals just to not be fat, or are you trying to bodybuild...or powerlift...

If your goal is just to drop a bit of fat, then you aren't going to have any problems. Just eat a bit less and do some cardio.

I should also say that I'm amazed that someone your size could make it off 2500 calories per day. How are you feeling during the day? Are you maintaining strength?


Well, yeah, I feel okay. That figure was based off of "nutrition for newbies", and is 20% less than my DEE.

I want to bodybuild eventually, but my first goal is functional fitness (as in, my ass can't do a single pull-up right now). Basically, my lower body's always been stronger, mainly resulting from the fact that I couldn't dunk for the longest time (so I stupidly built my lower body beyond my upper).

I want to get it evened out, then build build build.

I'm just trying to figure out the quickest way to blast off the surface fat so I'm carrying less. I've been doing the fasted-state cardio for a week or so, and feel fine, but no noticeable difference.

I'm not expecting a miracle or anything, just wanna know I'm not shooting myself in the foot as far as my end goal.