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Feedback on my New Awesome Routine


Hi guys, I want feedback on my new program I find super-duper awesome :smiley:

Session 1)
-PowerClean & PushPress 5x3
-Snatch grip HighPulls (Chinese style) 5x3
-Weighted Pullups 3x5
-Weighted Dips 3x3

Finnishers I use if I have more energy, and want to do an extra blast (normally one of them):
-Deadlift 1 rep ramp up to max
-Snatch grip BTN Press to PushPress combo 10 + 10
-Kabel/Machine Row -> ChestPress -> Lat Pulldown 10 + 10 + 10

Session 2)
-BoxJumps 20 single jumps
-Squats 5x3
-Standind BroadJumps 20 single jumps

I try to workout 4 times a week, simply switch between S1 & S2. My goals are strength & performance, but of course some size wouldn’t hurt my feelings :slight_smile:

Sooo, what about it ?


Well, it probably won’t kill you. Except the finisher where you work up to a max single deadlift. That sounds like a monumentally bad idea.

How are you going to progress the weights? Without a plan for where you’re going to go it isn’t a program but a list of exercises.


Lets just say that the Deadlift finnisher isn’t somthing I do everytime, more like once a mounth…

I progress the weights in a way that I pick a challanging weight, and ramp up the weights when I am able to do all reps, and do them with solid form, and I feel like my strength skill is within. then I put some more plates on…


Is there any specific reason for you creating this routine? Not saying you should stick to an already written program but why this?


Good question, the main reason is that I like to do my own stuff…
and I feel those exercises are fun to do, and all together pretty balanced as well

Done correctly it will give me strength, mass and explossive power :slight_smile: I hope xD


If that’s the case, I would say I don’t feel qualified enough to give any concrete advice. However, I’m pretty sure there are templates you can follow with the same lifts being used.


Yes I know there is at least 22 proven rep schemes, according to CT, If this one dont give me anything, I will try one of them twentytwo proven ones :slight_smile:
Main reason I made this topic was to get feedback on the exercise selection, and to be recomanded differnt kind of templates would just be a nice things, however I think different exercises respond better to different reps, volume etc…


So kind of double progression with some autoregulation. Fair enough. As long as you’ve got a means to measure where you’re at and determine when to add load.

The DL finisher still seems like a pretty terrible idea to me, but if you’re dead set on it I’d suggest working up to a training max (85-90% of your true max) instead. Better still, I’d suggest setting a target load (let’s say 75% of your training max) and working up to an AMRAP set. Then, every time you come back to it, beat the last rep PR. That’ll still smoke you but should be safer. Or you can add caveats like ‘only double overhand grip’. Anything that will push you but limit load a bit for safety because heavy DL when fatigued just isn’t super smart.


Will look into it, actuallt I do try to trin DL with overhead grip only, but I tend to do alternate grip when it gets to heavy, maybe I will consider doing it that way, only overhead grip :wink: nice way to train that grip as well :wink: thanks !