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Feedback on My Lifts? Pull-Day

Thought I would start filming my workouts, to see my lifts for myself and to get feedback here…

I’m 171 cm high, and currently weigh just under 68 kg. I was extremely week before I started to workout at the start of '07 (not even close to being able to do 1 single dips (chest), and only a couple of reps of push-ups with crappy technique).
I’m still week in my chest, upper body not too good, but legs are my strong point and I’m decent at squats and deadlifts at my body weight.

Looking forward to getting feedback on my technique here. I’ve learned everything by myself, read A LOT Online. I’ve just started dieting to get my abs to show more… I know 68 kg seems very little already for most of you guys, but then I’m also just 171 cm high, and I’m not big; small joints etc… I’m looking to get down to about 65 kg in the next 4-8 weeks, without loosing any strength if I can…

My goals are spread, I want to improve my strength, improve my sports performance (golf), and I want to look better. I also like doing the Olympic lifts, it’s fun.

1 KG = 2.205 lbs.

Here are my first workout with todays weight:
Day 3: Pull
1-2 set of 4 reps Snatch KG=45 (forgot to film it, so have to take that next week…)
1-2 set of 4-6 reps Snatch-grip Deadlift KG=125
1-2 set of 4-6 reps Deadlift KG=135 (137,5 first try. Felt heavy today. Took 135 for 4 reps 1 week ago.)
1-2 set of 4-6 reps DB Rows KG=37,5
1-2 set of MAX reps Chin-ups KG=0
1-2 set of 12-15 reps Swiss Ball Leg Raises KG=0

Here is the video from todays workout: