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Feedback on My Labs


Here are some numbers.

42 years old.
30% bf

Trig 168
Chol 230
HDL 40
LDL 156

TSH 1.40
Vit D 18.1
Estradiol 25.9
DHT 19
Total Test 217
Bio Avail Test 128
Bio Avail test % 59.2
Free Test 46

That is all the doc tested for. Got the standard Bull shit of the doc isn't in the steroid business so he will only do the 200mg shot 1x per month in his office.

Any advice on what I can do till I can find a new doc worth a shit? Anything OTC that helps increase Test that legitimately works?


You need lab units and ranges for us to make meaningful comments....


Your Vit D is very low, you can start there...about 6k iu per day seems standard...

That may increase your test a bit if your nuts are responsive...

If your boys are shut down, not a whole lot you can do really...

TSH looks decent, might want to look into other thyroid markers at your bodyweight/body comp

Your SHBG, E2, and Bio T look like they are good, but I am just going on memory for the latter since you didn't post ranges...it seems very high for your low T though...

Did you read the protocol for injections sticky and try to reason with your doctor on why once a month shots are ridiculous with an ester that's half life is only 10-12 days? Ask him if he recommends dosing any other medication with a frequency 2.5 times past its established half life....

Other than that, get a new doctor, QUICK!


Yeah I know what to say, been to 3 different docs all are pussys. In Oklahoma we have has some huge busts on Doctors in regards to them pushing steroids so all are afraid. That or they admit they aren't up to speed on documentation or latest protocols. I tried to give them Christler's work and they weren't interested.


Ok found a doc half way worth a damn. The doc says looking at my history and since I have tried diet, supplementation, working out etc since September 1st when previous labs were taken, and the fact I have fought this since I was 35 (42 now) there is just an issue there that won't ever fix its self.

So we are going to do TRT. I am hoping its the 100mg per week we will see. Do won't do Arimidex so I need to find some online


Yeah, Vit D is low. Don't use prescription stuff even if offered -- it's all D2, poorly absorbed. Get 1000IU or 2000IU D3 gelcaps (D is fat-soluable, you want the little oil-filled softgels, not the pills) from any drugstore or big-box place like Costco or BJ's. NatureMade is a cheap brand that works fine. I agree 6k/day is a good place to start. This alone can make a huge difference in how you feel after a few days.

Lipids aren't awful but they're not great, and together with your weight and bodyfat they suggest that metabolic syndrome could lie in your not-too-distant future. Many find that a Paleo-type diet corrects high trig and takes off bodyfat pretty quickly -- I lost 25 lb in 10 weeks and dropped my trig from 230 to 114 while eating bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning, and plenty of people report much more dramatic results. (Add cholesterol and fat metabolism to the list of things most docs don't know squat about.) In your case, that could help boost available T and/or reduce the need for Arimidex, and it could boost your overall energy levels as well. The V-Diet discussed on this site is Paleo-ish and pretty good or google "Paleo" or "Primal" for similar comprehensive approaches.


Drexel, starting 2000iu 2x per day from an apothecary shoppe here in town. Its D-3.