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Feedback on My Diet & Training

OK about me, got out of the Navy in 05, stopped PT all together and just slipped into the horror that is world of warcraft. The good news, I woke up bout 3 months ago quit playing it and quit smoking at the same time. I am getting back the the stuff I loved growing up mainly hiking biking camping fishing. Now I am on a quest to unfuck this fat suit I created.

I’ll cut right to the chase here so you don’t have to worry about burning your eyes out on a noob…I am a 26 yr old 6’ 205lbs and about 20 percent of it is fat. Do I gain muscle first or do I get to a more
healthy body composition and build up then?

Oh yeah My goal…I want to get down to about 10 percent body fat, and keep myself fit for my family… I am a nursing student and am learning just about every way the human body can crumble…no bueno. Oh let me not BS you to much, looking good hasn’t escaped my mind either haha.

You can quit reading now or be a trooper and give me pointers on my current plan below.

I am not dieting, I am however eating healthy and like a horse…I speak of eggs, oatmeal, tuna, chicken by the truckload, almonds(peanut allergy), olive oil, cottage cheese, skim milk, and tons of green veggies. I cheat on fridays to keep myself sane, but even then not as much as I always intend to haha. I am not losing weight, I am leaning out slowly(started at about 28 bf). Care less about weight its what I am made of that gets me.

I have been doing a 3 day split focusing on 6-8 rep of mainly compound movements about 2-3 per muscle being worked that day, guess about 15-20 total sets per day. I started lifting 2 months ago and Don’t want to stress tendons and pussified joints so I am probably on the careful side right now. If it feels light I fix it until the sixth rep either doesn’t happen or makes me want to run away from cold weights and go learn scrapbooking instead.

Mon: Bi’s and back[barbell curls,rows,deadlifts lat pull downs, hammer curls]

Tue: Off…1 year old provides cardio and I made him for free so double bonus.

Wed: Legs and shoulders[barbell squats, straight leg deads, extensions, calf lifts, barbell mil press, db standing rows, front raises]

Thur: Off…chase son or hit heavy bag…careful not to confuse them

Fri: Chest and tri’s[bench, flat, incline with db’s, db flies, skullcrushers, dips, tricep push? downs.

Sat/sun rest. light stuff, bag, jog, chase boy as he puts all my crap in the toilet.

Ok thats about it, just wanted to get some feedback and finally a place with like minded people…I have bored everyone else to death already between gross nursing stuff and fitness haha. thanks for bearing with me if you made it this far…peace

Bro imo your on the right track youve lost 8% no need to do a crazy cut at your height and weight, train hard eat right and theyll keep0 working if you stop progress then do something diet wise keep it simple its working

Training mayb after two months time to take the governor off a bit, not be so sheepish and see what you can do ma surprise yourself and make great progress just from an intensity change.

Might also think about a program change for if nothing else variety. But with only 3 days id go full body A split imo youd get better results more day and therefore attention to the body parts your targeting

Keep rollin ,