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Feedback on my Current Routine

I am currently training for my seasonal employment with a FD, which lasts for apprx. 6 months. My goal is cutting along with exceptional cardiovascular endurance without losing size or strength. I am hoping some experienced lifters out there will comment on my routine as well as my supplement regimen. Thanks to all in advance for your help thus far.

6 feet tall
Athletic Build
Body fat: ?

Monday: Chest: BP: 4 Sets, Incline: 4-sets, Flys: 3-sets, Decline w/ resistance band: 4-sets (high intensity) X 15-20 reps
Biceps: S. bar curl: 4-sets, DB curls: 4-sets

Tuesday: 4-mile run. 30mns swim w high intensity interval training

Wednesday: Back: Lat. Pulldown: 4- Sets, T-bar row: 4-sets, Seated row: 4-sets, closed grip pulldowns: 4-sets.
Abs: Leg raises, crunches

Thurs: 4-mile run (am)
Legs: Seated Squat: 4-sets, leg press: 4-sets, ext + curls: 4-sets, calv: 4-sets
Swim (pm) 30mns swim w high intensity interval training.

Friday: Shoulders: Mil. Press: 4-sets, Lat raises: 4-sets, Frnt raises: 4-sets, Shrugs: 4-sets, rear. Delts: 3-sets

Sat: (week 1 and 3). 4-mile run. After 2 miles I incorporate pull-ups, sit-ups, and pushups, then finish the remainder 2 miles.
(pm) Swim. 30mns

Sat: (week 2 and 4): (am) Gym: pushup, pull-up, rows, bi?s, resistance press.
(pm) 4-mile: slower pace.


Supplements: Fast twitch creatine on M-W-F-S.
Xtend (BCAA) T-TH before and after cardio
V60 protein.about 3 shakes a day
Flameout oil tablets
? Just started Cyclo Bolan by Infinit Labs.

I eat extremely healthy and keep a high calorie, carb, protein intake. I did not go into detail about the exercises. I have confidence in my current excercises. Any thoughts or further information?

Are you training for a hotshot crew or is this for structure?

If it’s for structure, you need more HIIT and anaerobic circuits.

If this is for wildland FF then you should ditch the weekend run and devote that day to a heavy ruck on challenging terrain. Keep the pack weight similar to what you expect to carry on the hill. Gradually increase pace and mileage to acclimate your knees and ankles to the stress of rucking on uneven terrain.

Remember to be careful rucking down-hill, your knees will thank you for it later.

BTW, at 6ft 192 you don’t need to worry about cutting. Just eat clean, work hard and excess fat will drop off.

I guess that was a waste of time.