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Feedback On My Cheat Day System

so im the kind of guy that are into extremes, going all out, or meaauring every miligram up until my 2500cal or spassing completely out. my system is that instead of having a puny cheat meal every week, i take every second week and are going utterly nuts up until i almost vomit and my relationship with food goes from hero to zero. I bet i round off 10-15k calories theese days and basically put my phone on flight mode and delte the glorious “myfitnesspal” and thats just the way i like to do things.

my question is, yay? nay? experience? systems? results? for people who has this “extreme” approach.

my goal is to build lean muscle btw.

best regards.

Go for it. You never know, it might really work for you. I used to go to an all you can eat steak buffet on Sundays after heavy squat or dead lift day and polish off about 15 of those 6oz. steaks, maybe 6 or 7 chicken breasts, and a couple of plates of potatoes with that ridiculous brown gravy.

Hell, if you step up a notch from that prison grade garbage I ate and maybe throw in some broccoli you might even benefit from it.


Let your results guide you. Anything anyone says here is just speculation

If you end up getting fat or not gaining lean weight it’s not working.


I’m with Sky. Do it, but do it after a ridiculously hard squat or deadlift day. Enjoy the food and the gains

Did you ever try cheating a little every day, as opposed to once a week? I have to admit, some of the foods I eat every day which I find essential to my muscle building (or getting lean) feel like cheat foods. Greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and a banana is one of those things. 40 grams of protein and tastes so damn good.

I don’t think being extreme one end of the spectrum or the other is good in the long run. In my opinion it won’t do anything for long term adherence – which is probably the most important component for a successful leaning or muscle diet. My philosophy is to find the middle ground between lazy and gung ho, and cruise right there, with dips and peaks. Most days are status quo and sometimes you’re going to have pizza and ice cream – but others you will come in at your calorie/macro goal perfectly.

Trying to be perfect all the time and then rewarding yourself in one moment could lead to overeating. I could say this is all my opinion, but I have my own empirical evidence on the subject. I’m also diet coaching a guy who couldn’t get on track on until he ditched the all or nothing mentality and went for the “cruise in the middle” thing I was just talking about.

I don’t want to sound super conservative about an approach to building “lean muscle” as you say, because there’s hard work and good dieting involved. But being extreme may help you pack on some fuscle instead of muscle.

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