Feedback on Methoxy-7

I was over at another site today and noticed that Methoxy-7 has a bad reputation there.

Before I buy any, can some T-men or T-vixens sound off with their Methoxy-7 experiences? I think there’s a bit more credibility on these boards.

Thanks all.

You might want to try searching for “Methoxy-7 feedback” using the T-Nation search feature as there have been plenty of posts on this topic already.

I love it.

More of a visual/mental aid in my case. adds a drier and more ripped vascular look when even carrying a higher BF% during a bulk.

So its a mainstay in this FFB’s lineup

Hope that helps,

I also love it. I use it on a daily basis for the visual enhancement. I also notice that it me build / maintain some strength throughout the season.

I just started a new approach. I take 3 caps morning, afternoon, and w/ ZMA at night.

It is very possible that people with bad experiences are simply not taking enough. I have heard / read that Methoxy-7 is best at or (although not recommended) above the maximum dose. At 9 caps p/ day (1 above the max) 2 bottles will last you 32 days.

I appreciate all the feedback guys. Thanks a bunch!