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Feedback on Meltdown?


Hey all,

I'm just getting ready to start a pretty serious 6 week program, with focus on getting rid of some BF.

How have you that have done meltdown responded? This is the first time I have cut down in a looooong time, and want to get the max benefits.

If you haven't done meltdown, what has worked well for you? Thanks a bunch!



I've done Meltdown and it's pretty tough. I was dieting and taking HOT-ROX at the same time too.
By the 3rd/last circuit, you're pretty much out of breath and your lungs are burning. Definitely good for fat loss if it fits into your schedule.

Right now I'm doing 10x3 for fat loss and like it better. It may not burn as much fat as Meltdown, but you also won't be as fatigued and you won't lose as much muscle.

So it depends on you and your schedule.


While I liked the workout from a mental/physical challenge perspective, I found it very dificult to maintain while hypocaloric. I would recommend either CW's 10x3 for fatloss, Ripped, Rugged, and Dense (5x5 scenario), or CT's Fat Loss and Trainig. All are solid programs/strategies that will get you where you are going without tearing you up. Of course, all my opinion. Only way to find out is to give it a try!


I had a great experience with that workout, and I highly recommend it.I always left the gym tired, but exhilarated, and I made good progress. I sent Alessi a PM telling him how much I liked the workout and he sent me an autographed copy of his book--- it was full of good info.


Thanks for the input guys. Everyone else, 212 reads and only 3 thoughts? Wow!




I?m doing meltdown right now!
I really like it! It?s really hard!!! And that?s what I like about it!!!
But I?m doing only since Monday (today is Friday)?
So I can?t really tell if I lost any bf% yet or not!?!?

But I would like to know what other people experienced with meltdown

You turn!!!


One of the best workouts I have followed on this site. I have done two cycles with it. Both times experiencing significant fat loss. Well I don't know how significant. I do know though by the end of they cycle I was happy it was over b/c it is physically exhausting fatiguing, you name it.

I have even shown it to friends who followed it to a T and noticed and liked there results. I have had more friends wanting to work out with me now then ever before. This workout is a killer... but great... I will be doing another one in a few weeks when our fall term starts back up.


I got two other question for you guys!!

How long did you follow the programm? Did you see less results after the first 3 weeks?

Did anybody the meltdown 2 or/and 3 routine? (same questions?)

Mel :wink:


stupidly ran through the cycle once without eating enough (yeah, call me stupid for doing a fat loss workout at 135lbs...I'm stupid, I get it) and man did I feel the pain


What sort of weight do you use for the workouts? I've read where Alessi recommended using a 15RM. I've used 60% of my 1RM and found it very difficult to complete the last set.


I haven't read this!?!?!
Do you have any links?

I'm using as much weight to complete all 10 Reps in every set! If I'm thinking I could use any more weight I use more the next time...
But I'm using about 70% of my 5RM (but Ithink I could go up some more!). I'm only using more doing deadlift's, about 80%of my 5RM.

But like you sad it's "very difficult to complete the last set".

When I'm done I'm shaking...


It wasn't in the article. It was in one of the many threads on Meltdown posted some time ago. If you search the site for "Meltdown" you'll find it. Most people who responded just used trial and error. Some went as low as 50% 1RM.


Meltdown is brutal but effective. However, it's too much to do if your calories are low as hell (like BWx8-9). Also it's too much if you're on a severely carb-restricted diet like The Get Shredded Diet and probably the V-Diet. Might work well with T-Dawg 2.0 or some kind of carb cycling.


I will use as much weight as I can...
Just so much that I can complete all 3 Sets...
That should work! Don't you think?

I don't think that I could do a meltdown workout while on V-Diet!!!
I'm on a diet but somthing like "T-Dawg 2.0"...
But I ned some carbs before the meltdown workout!!!!


Come on guys...

I want some more feedback!!


I've done Meltdown I. it's a killer. I have found that if you are on a no carb/low carb diet, it will really make you feel rundown.

I usually puke at the end of every workout.


I tried it a few years ago, when it was first published. At the time I was training at my office gym early in the morning before work. I did the workout once, felt fine while doing it, and then as soon as I was done and for 30 minutes afterwards I had such an urge to vomit that I came to work late and never repeated the workout again.

I'd like to try it again (and probably will because there's a similar routine in AC NEW Rules book) because of the chalenge it represents to me - but just be sure that the first time you plan on doing it that you dont schedule anything immediately afterwards until you know how your body will handle it.


I always sit there for at least 10 min after each workout before I'm able to walk straight...

But I haven't puked "yet"!!

I'm able to use more weight almost every workout! Only the chinups are being a b**h!!!!


Any more Feedback?

I'm in the mid of my 2nd week doing Meltdown. I would say that I already lost some bf%.
I will test it next Tuesday...

It would be great if you guys could tell me how much bf% you lost etc.


has anyone experienced a significant amount of muscle loss while doing Meltdown?

I've built some nice muscle on Waterbury's programs and now I'm afraid I'm gonna lose it when I eventually get to my fat loss/cutting phase...then again I plan on bulking for at least another 4 months...